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        PTC heaters compare with traditional electric heating tubes! That's what you need to know!

        2024/03/21 10:19:52

        PTC heater has the following advantages compared with the traditional electric heating tube, the electric heating sink first said three points:

        1, safety

        In case of fan failure or blocked in time, the surface temperature of the heater at this time to maintain the limited safety temperature (generally 230℃), so as not to produce the phenomenon of "red" surface, eliminate the hidden danger of accidents.

        2, energy saving

        When the ambient temperature rises, its resistance gradually increases, and the power gradually decreases. After the ambient temperature stabilizes, the power stops changing, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving.

        3, high heat conversion rate

        Its long life, by the external voltage is minimal. PTC heater The product is superior to traditional electric heating tubes in all aspects of performance through careful design.

        PTC principle: PTC electric heater is a kind of automatic temperature control, electricity saving heater, it is based on PTC thermal sensitive ceramic element as the heating source, made of aluminum alloy corrugated sheet as the radiator, by bonding, welding and composition of the heater.

        Evenly distributed in the high temperature resistant stainless steel seamless tube of high temperature resistance wire, dense part in gap to fill in the performance of thermal conductivity and good insulation performance are the crystallization of magnesium oxide powder, this kind of structure not only advanced, high thermal efficiency, and even heating, when high temperature resistance wire in an electric current passes through the heat to the metal surface diffusion through crystallization of magnesium oxide powder, Then transfer to the heated parts or air to achieve the purpose of heating.


        1. The heating temperature is below 200 degrees Celsius

        2, the production cost is low in any case, the body is not red and has a protective isolation layer

        3. Strong designability, fast production and high degree of mechanization

        4, there is no problem of human scalding and fire

        5, easy to control the design and control cabinet


        1. Large impulse current

        2, the heating temperature is high, can reach about 600 degrees

        3, the power of the determination of high environmental requirements

        4. High thermal inertia of temperature

        5, the production cost is higher than the electric heat tube

        6, the degree of mechanization is not high, production is subject to certain restrictions

        To protect the

        1, can restore thermal protection 60℃ (normally closed)

        2, unrecoverable thermal protection 110℃ (normally closed)

        3. Air switch + Shunt trip + auxiliary contact

        4. Wind pressure differential switch

        THERMO (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

        Address:5th Floor,Building 3,NO.455,Er Huan South Road,Tong an District, Xiamen City


        E-mail: amy@auto-thermo.cn



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