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    Philippines Develops RFID Sensors to Predict Meteorological Disasters 

    Philippines-sensors-predict-meteorological-disasters-RFID-blogThe Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the Republic of the Philippines is developing a series of RFID-based smart sensors which it plans to use in the nation’s disaster prevention program.

    DOST Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) is developing an RFID system to monitor weather and geological conditions, as well as other aspects of its “Smarter Philippines” program, which is to generate, gather and analyze data to enable timely and effective decision making and planning.

    RFIDs will initially be put to use in DOST’s Program NOAH (Nationwide Operation on Assessment of Hazards) as automated rain gauges and weather stations. These stations transmit real-time data on the amount of rainfall, temperature, pressure, humidity and wind speed, direction, and velocity.

    Sitting astride the typhoon belt, most of the islands experience annual torrential rains and thunderstorms from July to October, with around nineteen typhoons entering the Philippine area of responsibility in a typical year and eight or nine making landfall.

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    RFID Smart Bracelet Reduces Inflections in Hospitals 

    smart-bracelet-reduce-hospital-infections-RFID-blogEven when assured that hospitals are safer than what they may think, some people still hold the view that they will leave the hospital far sicker than when they came in. Besides, recent hospital-borne infections make them all the more fearful. In the U.S., over 98,000 people die from infections annually. Estimates also show that about one out of 20 hospitalized patients get an infection.

    However, these infections are not inevitable; they can be resolved. Hand-washing, along with better sterilization practices of equipment and monitoring bacterial breeding spots, has become high on the list of focus areas for improvement.

    A company called IntelligentM is taking on the hand-washing initiative. They offer a technology solution in the form of a wristband to be worn by all health workers. The bands will buzz them in different ways so that they know when they are not, and when they are, washing their hands properly.

    The IntelligentM bracelet system consists of RFID tags and an accelerometer and can track the healthcare worker’s whereabouts and whether they are getting the hand-washing protocol right. Special tags are placed around the hospital, at key target areas such as bathrooms, patient rooms, and operating rooms. The bracelet is also designed to relay data through a connection at the end of each shift for those managing a total view of how each employee is doing.

    As the company team explained, having a protocol in place is not enough without accurate monitoring. While the World Health Organization has developed a standard for hand hygiene, individual, visual monitoring of compliance with the protocol has not been adequate. For better accuracy, the team said, their bracelet can continually monitor hand-washing 24 by 7, to record hand hygiene events.

    The IntelligentM team is offering a data-driven hand hygiene compliance improvement solution for hospitals that are looking to significantly reduce healthcare-acquired infections and their associated costs.

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    Samsung Updates TecTiles App, Offering More Options for NFC Tagging 


    TecTiles, Samsung’s NFC tagging app, was officially debuted in June. Since then, the company has been improving it.

    Last week, the company announced version 3.0 of the app, which includes various enhancements that allow for better customization.

    With the new features, now you can choose from a larger selection of settings that can be programmed into the tags. Besides, you’ll also have the ability to send pre-written emails to a specified address, update your Google+ status, store a history of your profiles, customize preloaded profiles, and create private tags that can only be read by your phone.

    The new app is ready to go in the Play Store, and users can download it for free. Yet a pack of five tags is priced $15.

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    Argentina Vineyard Automates Grape-Picking Counting with NFC/RFID 

    Argentina-Bodega-Norton-winery-grape-venieyard-NFC-rfid-blogBodega Norton winery in Argentina has deployed a new system that uses NFC phones and RFID tags to track how many grapes each worker has harvested. This means the winery now can save a day every week in collating how much each worker has picked and how much they should be paid.

    With the old system, thousands of aluminum or plastic chips of different colors and shapes were used to signify the amount of grapes picked by each harvester, in order to work out how much they should be paid. These were then manually collated each week, which took an entire day to complete.

    “A harvester would collect an appropriate chip from a supervisor each time they picked a full bin of grapes and delivered it to a collection site,” the logistics solution provider HID Global explains. “The harvester would pocket the chip, then return to gather another bin full. At the end of a workweek, each harvester would present their chips to a manager, who would tally them and issue a voucher which would be exchanged for payment.

    Using the new system reduces much more work. With the new system in place, each of Bodega Norton’s 150 harvesters is issued with an armband equipped with an HID Global contactless card. Grape collection bins are tagged with RFID Epoxy Disc tags and vineyard supervisors are outfitted with NFC smartphones.

    The supervisors then read the harvester’s armband each time they deliver a full bin to a grape collection point, assuring both the worker and the supervisor that the collection bin has been counted and credited to the correct worker.

    “Hand picking is the only way to harvest grapes properly to ensure the best wine, and at Bodega Norton, if you cultivate the best people, they will help you produce the best wine,” says Pablo Minatelli, vineyard manager for Bodega Norton.

    “Due to the efficiencies of the new system, we pay better than other vineyards, and that means we attract the best harvesters… With the best people and reduced administrative time and expense, we get a better harvest and yield.”

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    Smart RFID Wristband Kiosk Enhanced Guests Experience at Denver Water Park 

    smart-wristband-kiosk-rfid-blogPrecision Dynamics Corp. has announced the successful installation of its PDC Smart RFID Wristband Kiosk used for self-service locker rentals at the Hyland Hills Water World in Denver, Colo.

    Guests read the instruction on the touchscreen monitor of the kiosk and select their favorite size of locker and inserted their payment into the machine. Then the kiosk will program and dispense a waterproof, RFID-enabled Smart Band wristband, allowing users to access to their assigned locker by presenting their wristband to the RFID reader on each locker.

    In addition to this, it is said that the PDC Smart RFID Wristband Kiosk, when used with PDC Smart Band Wristbands, can be programmed to perform a variety of other functions, such as self-service ticketing, fast-pass upgrades, locker and tube rentals, cashless POS for food, beverage and retail sales, keyless hotel room entry, social media integration, electronic access control, photo management systems, and customer loyalty programs.

    “We’ve been sold on the concept for a while, but we wanted to see first-hand our customers’ reaction to the Smart Kiosk,” said Bob Owens, the park’s manager. “Since the pilot was so successful at moving guests into the park quickly, we’re looking into adding more convenient functions to the kiosk for our next season.”

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    “Smart Socks” Embedded with RFID Chips 

    BlackSocks-smart-socks-RFID-blogCould you imagine RFID chips in your socks? Well, BlackSocks.com has made it a reality, together with a scanner and an iPhone app, so that you can know everything about… your socks.

    With these RFID chips in the socks, now you can know the whole life story of your socks: how often they’ve been washed, what the “sock ID” is, which sock it should be partnered with, whether it is a left sock or a right sock, whether it is paired or single, when it was made, and when you ordered it.

    If one of a pair of socks is worn-out, you can even use the pairing functionality to mate a new partner for it.

    A 10-pack and the scanner for these socks are priced at $189, which can be ordered online. The app, used to determine the blackness of your black socks, can be downloaded free from Apple’s app store. Yet there is no Android version at the moment.

    Many might doubt the practical applicability of these “smart socks”. Here’s what BlackSocks says: because it would be a disaster if one of your socks paired up with the wrong partner.

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