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    RFID Wristbands Get Popular for Easy Access Management 

    With the rapid development of RFID technology, RFID wristband is playing a more and more important role in efficient and secure access control as well as payment for miscellaneous applications, including events, festivals, amusement parks, hotels as well as bars and clubs.

    In terms of event management or access control in festivals, using RFID wristband to manage access at events can deliver a variety of benefits to organizers and ticket-holders. Concretely speaking, adapting RFID technology to a security wristband gives organizations access to a world of possibilities, for example, precisely knowing how many people are in attendance and easily collecting data about individuals like name and contact information.

    For wristband users, RFID wristbands help them to spend their time enjoying their venue instead of waiting in line, and at the same time, the contactless payment function of RFID wristband can eliminate transaction friction resulting in higher per capita spending and improve customer experience.


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    RFID Smart Bracelet Reduces Inflections in Hospitals 

    smart-bracelet-reduce-hospital-infections-RFID-blogEven when assured that hospitals are safer than what they may think, some people still hold the view that they will leave the hospital far sicker than when they came in. Besides, recent hospital-borne infections make them all the more fearful. In the U.S., over 98,000 people die from infections annually. Estimates also show that about one out of 20 hospitalized patients get an infection.

    However, these infections are not inevitable; they can be resolved. Hand-washing, along with better sterilization practices of equipment and monitoring bacterial breeding spots, has become high on the list of focus areas for improvement.

    A company called IntelligentM is taking on the hand-washing initiative. They offer a technology solution in the form of a wristband to be worn by all health workers. The bands will buzz them in different ways so that they know when they are not, and when they are, washing their hands properly.

    The IntelligentM bracelet system consists of RFID tags and an accelerometer and can track the healthcare worker’s whereabouts and whether they are getting the hand-washing protocol right. Special tags are placed around the hospital, at key target areas such as bathrooms, patient rooms, and operating rooms. The bracelet is also designed to relay data through a connection at the end of each shift for those managing a total view of how each employee is doing.

    As the company team explained, having a protocol in place is not enough without accurate monitoring. While the World Health Organization has developed a standard for hand hygiene, individual, visual monitoring of compliance with the protocol has not been adequate. For better accuracy, the team said, their bracelet can continually monitor hand-washing 24 by 7, to record hand hygiene events.

    The IntelligentM team is offering a data-driven hand hygiene compliance improvement solution for hospitals that are looking to significantly reduce healthcare-acquired infections and their associated costs.

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    Hospital Ensures Newborns’ safety with RFID System 

    hospital-newborns-safety-rfid-blogThe Connecticut-based Danbury Hospital has implemented an RFID system for its child-related facilities in order to make sure the safety of newborns and reduce the risk of abductions.

    The system, provided by Wisconsin-based RF Technologies, has been implemented on three floors of the hospital, including the family birthing and pediatric units.

    The Safe Place Infant Security system uses water-proof, lightweight transmitters and the company’s Smart Sense technology in a band which attaches around an infant’s ankle.

    With the RFID band, staff can monitor the infants using automated software. If a band is loose, tampered with or removed, the software will alert the staff. If an infant wearing a transmitter is in range of a monitored exit, the system can lock the doors and send out a potential security threat alert.

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    Disney Introduces MyMagic+ RFID Bracelets to Enhance Visitor Experience 

    Disney-MyMagic+-bracelet-enhance-visitor-experience-rfid-blogThe Walt Disney Company has announced the MyMagic+ program, an RFID-enabled system that lets visitors interact with (and pay for) nearly anything in the Disney village. The program will roll out this spring.

    The system combines an interactive website and mobile app with an all-purpose electronic bracelet that acts as a guest’s room key, theme-park ticket and payment account. The bracelet, which is called MagicBands, will also track which rides visitors use, which characters they interact with, where they go and what they buy within the park.

    The program will also transform Disney World into a more personalized, interactive experience, the company says. For instance, employees playing Disney characters will be able to greet children by name, using sensors that read information from their bracelets. The same holds true for the robotic characters, meaning a talking parrot or pirate could address your child by name.

    Privacy, of course, is a big question, and it’s especially relevant where so many children are concerned. But RFID technology is hardly new to the travel industry. The company said in its announcement that MyMagic+ is meant simply to enhance the visitor experience in a whole host of ways, including allowing guests to bypass long lines by signing up for rides before they leave their hotels.

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    NFC/RFID Enhancing Events 

    NFC-bracelet-wristband-events-festivals-mobile-payment-rfid-blogBringing a bulging wallet for cash and credit cards, fishing through pocket for some change, waiting in extremely long lines for beer, or simply lacking the accessibility to check-in or upload to Facebook — all these could destroy an originally pleasant event. Consequently, event organizers have been looking for ways to enhance events and strive to offer attendees with convenience, simplicity and interaction. Now all of these can be simply achieved via the implementation of NFC technology.

    The integration of NFC into mobile devices, wristbands and smart cards allows users to easily make a contactless payment, share content and gain access to social media, which has greatly sparked the interest of event organizers everywhere. A number of events such as sports, entertainment and leisure realms have commenced to use NFC technology as a catalyst.

    Today, a host of event vendors are now accepting contactless payments via NFC stickers affixed to the back of mobile devices or through means of an NFC-enabled wristband. At popular, highly-visited music festivals, ticketholders are now being given the unprecedented option of loading up “cash” on their wrist, which is later deactivated at completion of the festival, with the remaining unused amount reloaded to the owner’s credit/debit card account. All in all, NFC is appearing more frequently in all kinds of events, festivals and theme parks.


    The opening night Gala at the New York Public Library offered nearly 30,000 different cocktails, created by over 150 different bartenders, which made it difficult for attendees to “like” a particular cocktail on social media.

    In order to solve this problem, guests were issued NFC-enabled bracelets, and then instructed to tap the NFC readers positioned atop each bar. From here, guests had the ability to check-in on Facebook or Twitter accounts, automatically upload pictures at the party’s web-connected photo booths, post a real-time message by merely tapping touch-point on the library walls, and “like” for the cocktails they were consuming.

    Furthermore, smartposters were strategically positioned throughout the event, offering guests the unprecedented opportunity to enter raffles via a simple tap of their NFC-enabled wristband.


    Disney World, one of the most renowned tourist locations in the world, wants to bring guests more happiness. It has unveiled plans to roll out a FastPass system employing RFID technology and iPads to accelerate the ticketing queues.

    Guests will select and receive a list of the FastPass attractions they’ve chosen. They will then be granted an RFID wristband to wave by the specifically-designed-for-FastPass scanners in order to check-in upon arrival to the ride. The wristbands are embedded with RFID chips, which have been rumored to include the names, credit card information and favorite attraction data ahead of your arrivals, allowing for your identity and data to be encrypted directly on it, thus acting as your park ticket.

    According to Disney Projects, when the guests arrive at their reserved time, they will wave their RFID band by a sensor, which sends their reservation information to a nearby cast member’s iPad. The RFID-based system is expected to replace the existing system of distributing paper FastPass tickets with a digital format that lets people bypass long queues and indicates when they can enter a ride or a show.

    Additionally, the RFID capabilities of the wristband would communicate with sensors deployed throughout the parks and resorts, which can then trigger interactive features. Envision yourself walking up to Space Mountain, where you are then greeted by name. One of the interactive places ever may soon become even more interactive.


    In a large-scale festival, all kinds of problems could appear — from losing wallets in the mud, trying to locate ATM machines, having trouble exchanging or uploading social media data, tracking people and possessions, etc. Thus, events like Barclays Wireless Festival, Coachella Music Festival, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Bonnaroo Festival, Electric Zoo, Lollapalooza and Glastonbury Festival have deployed or considered RFID technology. Besides solving all the problems above, using RFID, organizers can expedite fast-track entry, VIP upgrades and offer access to various perks and accommodations.

    In the UK’s first cashless event, the Wireless Festival provided event-goers with NFC-enabled wristbands to “wave and pay” for goods, significantly downsizing line times for food, memorabilia and most of all, alcohol. This is not the only British music festival rolling out NFC wristbands this summer, as an emerging number of organizers have developed an acquired taste in the convenience and ease of this contactless technology.

    At the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, 30,000 fans signed up to “live click” throughout the event, commencing a new era and digital age in social media. Using RFID-enabled bands, registered ticketholders were able to check-in, update their status on Facebook, as well as have the availability to a collection of other individualized options tailored to each respective guest, thus enhancing their event experience. Registered guests can automatically “check-in” upon arrival on various “touch points” located throughout the grounds.

    All these wristbands provide enhanced e-ticketing, cashless payment and access control, subsequently reducing lines and eliminating fraudsters, providing secure and speedy payments, and boosting the overall fan experience.

    In terms of tracking guests, checkpoint zones are set up to track what zone an attendee has just exited and entered, theoretically placing them in a zone at a specific time and place. This allows for event organizers to track traffic flows to improve planning for succeeding festivals. It also provides means of assistance when it comes to theft and other forms of crime.


    Olympic Games is the sporting world’s largest global competition, with hundreds of millions of visitors from different nations flooding into the host city. An advanced technology like contactless payment can alleviate many problems.

    Samsung and Visa have worked together to install over 3,000 terminals on the 2012 London Olympic grounds to coincide with its official payment app, “payWave”.

    Visitors were granted the option to use NFC to purchase snacks and memorabilia. Consumers throughout London were granted the opportunity to experience NFC and become educated on it, which helped facilitate the speedy universal adoption of the technology in the near future.

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    Hungary Festivals Go Cashless Using RFID Wristband 

    Metapay introduced an RFID-based wristband solution designed specifically for event planners and festival organizers.

    The RFID-based wristband is multifunctional with support for secure access control, in addition to cashless payments. In fact, the service has already processed nearly 1.1 million transactions at three festivals in Hungary this summer.

    Sziget Festival, one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe, is using all of the services that Metapay has to offer, including Metapay Festivalcard the cashless payment system, Maestro PayPass and MasterCard Pay Pass products and the RFID-based wristband solution.

    Developed by the company itself, Metapay uses this same RFID-based electronic access control system at its own facilities. Staff enters Metapay facilities by using their wristband in which a built-in chip identifies them.


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    How NFC Enhance Guests’ Experiences at a Lobster Roll Rumble 

    Tasting-Table-Lobster-Roll-Rumble-NFC-rfid-blogEvery year in June, Tasting Table, a daily-email-for-foodies company, hosts a Lobster Roll Rumble with around 20 lobster roll slingers competing for the title “best lobster roll”.

    In the past, Rumble voting was done either via text or paper votes in boxes, which were not only inconvenient but also inexact. This year, working with Tagstand, the food site decided to turn to NFC technology for voting. At the door, guests received NFC-enabled wristbands and they could cast their votes with a wave.

    NFC has promising applications, and we are already seeing the technology hit the mainstream. This year’s Rumble made the technology accessible to the masses, even the ones with dumbphones, and it worked pretty seamlessly. It was less confusing and more than 90% of attendees cast a vote.

    Besides casting votes, attendees could tap their bracelets to send a message to Facebook or Twitter, like “Cooling off with some Häagen-Dazs ice cream at the 2012 Tasting Table Lobster Roll Rumble.”

    “Based on our guest survey and the number of taps, NFC was a huge hit. It allowed us to gather voting results in real time, which we displayed at the event,” says Kai Mathey, VP of Communications at Tasting Table.

    “Most guests hadn’t experienced the tech before, so a lot of their feedback on the survey highlighted how impressed they were with the technology,” says Mathey.

    Tasting Table decided the technology was accessible, would help to streamline the voting process (and make it real time) and be a cool, novel feature of the event.

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    Amusement Park Implementing Smart Band(R) RFID Wristbands for Cashless Point-of-Sale 

    bracelet-cashless-payment-rfid-blogHersheypark amusement park in Hershey, PA, implements Smart Band(R) RFID Wristband System of Precision Dynamics Corporation, a global leader in automatic wristband identification, (PDC) for cashless point-of-sale (POS) to enhance customers’ convenience and satisfaction as well as boost profits at the park.

    Succeeded in a trail last season, a fully integrated cashless point-of-sale (POS) system was deployed in Hersheypark and PDC Smart Band(R) RFID wristbands were used on the opening day, May 4th, 2012. The new RFID cashless POS system is safe, convenient, and user-friendly. With Smart Band(R) RFID wristband, guests can make in-park purchases, check balances, and load additional funds onto their wristband at any of the park’s 200 RFID-enabled POS stations. Smart Band(R) RFID wristbands can be used in both dry park and water park areas, as they are waterproof.

    Greg Cetera, RFID manager for Precision Dynamics Corporation, points out that, “RFID capabilities are already built into most POS software systems, so the conversion is seamless and cost-effective. The convenience factor for guests is a huge bonus since they no longer have to carry cash or access their locker for money to make purchases. Faster transactions and shorter lines equate to increased efficiency and time savings for guests, and greater ROI for the park.”

    This is not the first time Hershey has employed RFID technology. Four years ago, Hersheypark implemented RFID-enabled lockers. Guests access by using PDC Smart Band(R) RFID wristbands. Based on the success of the current RFID installations, additional applications are being reviewed for use in the future.

    Since the first Smart Band(R) RFID wristband installation over a decade ago, PDC’s RFID technology has helped many theme parks across the nation deliver a better guest experience while reaping significant bottom line benefits. Proven RFID wristband applications include social media integration, cashless payments, keyless lockers, electronic access control, photo management systems, and customer loyalty programs. In addition to Smart Band(R) wristbands, other innovative PDC RFID Solutions include PDC Smart(R) Cards, Key Fobs, Lanyards, and Parking Passes.

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    Theme park connects visitors to Facebook with NFC 

    walibi-nfc-bracelet-facebook-rfid-blogNFC social networking specialist Getyoo has developed a contactless system that allows theme park visitors to post real-time Facebook ‘likes’ for rides they enjoy.

    Visitors register over the web ahead of their visit, and then pick up a Walibi Connect NFC bracelet when they arrive at the Walibi amusement park in Belgium. They can then tap the bracelets against “totems” placed near eight attractions to instantly post a message to their Facebook accounts.

    Operator Walibi estimates that with each visitor having an average 240 friends and logging five Walibi Connect ‘likes’ during their visit, the park’s message could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of contacts.

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    RFID Takes Isle of Wight Festival Cashless 

    music-festival-rfid-wristband-rfid-blogNearly a fifth of visitors used Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wristbands to make cashless payments at theIsle of Wightfestival from 21-24 June. More than 10,000 out of the 55,000 guests were able to make cashless transactions for food and drink throughout site, for the first time, thanks to RFID wristbands.

    Prior to the festival, general ticket holders were given the chance to upgrade their standard wristband to an RFID one, which when activated, was linked to their debit or credit card. The wristbands allow contactless payments using radio technology, by waving the band over a reader.

    ”The transactions are faster than paying by cash or traditional chip and pin.” said Andy Gratton, one of the Isle of Wight Festival’s food traders. “People now have their ticket entry, festival ID and their wallet all in their wristband, it’s really convenient and I can see it becoming more and more popular,” he added.

    Steve Daly, operations director at ID&C, the wristbands provider, said: “There are a number of festivals throughout the UK, Europe and US adopting the technology, and they’re all using entry wristbands as the intermediary. It’s a convenient way for fans to reap the benefits of the technology and enhance their festival experience.”

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