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  • Sam 10:05 on June 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Intelligent Parking Management System–Part one Introduction 

    RFID Intelligent Parking Management System

    –Part one Introduction

    Do you get tired of the troublesome Car Parking System?

    Do you want to update your Parking System with advanced technology to make it a easy way to go?

    Here is an Intelligent Parking Management System with RFID technology, please let me show you how RFID can do the job for you?

    RFID technology is adopted to make RFID Intelligent Parking Management System. The reader and tag can have diversified design with readable and writable functions, and the reading distance can be adjustable and dependent on the custom requirement. The system works in a way that the UHF RFID reader can automatically read the information of the UHF RFID tag and recognize, collect and record the information date of the vehicles going through, such as vehicle release date, the parking information records of vehicles in and out, and the date will be processed accordingly. The software has strong adaptability with wide and flexible application.


    RFID Intelligent Parking Management System has many advantage compared with traditional parking lot management system.

    1. The system UHF RFID reader that reads the UHF RFID tag in the long distance. It is not necessary that people stretch out hand to swipe card, it simplifies the operation process and shortens the time of the car in and out.
    2. The system has high liability, good stabilization and low maintenance cost, with date back up, and date recovery. UHF RFID tag can be reissued if lost.
    3. Most and foremost, UHF RFID tag has very good confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting, to make sure the security of the vehicles in the parking lot. All vehicles going through are confirmed and counted by computer, which can avoid the error of labor. The benefits of the parking lot investor can get protected, and meanwhile, it improves the service quality and name awareness of the property owner.

    RFID Intelligent Parking Management System can simplify and secure the process and help you to do a lot of things. Do you want to know the whole solution of the process? Come and find me next week. I will show you how we are going to make it happen.

    Alien H3


    Share your comments here or send me an email if you have any question to

  • Sean Ding 16:52 on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    RFID Nail Tag – Good Assistant for Wood Management 

    RFID stands for Radio-Frequency identification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna. The chip typically is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data or less.

    With the rapid development of RFID technology, RFID nail tag was born. As we know, collecting the number and information of the tree is an important link in forest management.

    As a new application of RFID technology, the nail tag was produced by high-temperature resistant ABS material with huge pressure, insert RFID chip before ultrasonic welding.

    RFID nail install

    Nail tag has a good performance in waterproof and resistance of aggressive chemicals. And it can be reader any direction, workers can make a greatly improve in working efficiency. Easy to install is an another important character for nail  tag. The tags can be installed as long as there is a narrwo space. For example, People just need to make a small hole in the wood, then insert nail tag with a rubber plastic hammer.

    Nail chip read range

    Nail tags also can be used to supply chain management, property tracking management, timber and wooden products tracking management, ashbin management, and industrial parts management, etc. According to the specific application environment, there are different RFID chips can be available.

    RFID technology creates a better future.

  • Jear 16:44 on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    NFC Transparent Business Card 

    Hi, everybody. I’m Jear Qiu, new guy here, a sales representative of Nexqo Technology Co., Ltd.

    At 2011, a South Korean manufacturer of components plasma display panel (PDP) and liquid crystal display (LCD) production of the world’s first large-scale production of NFC business card (as shown below).

    The business cards include both an NFC chip and a QR code and provide sufficient memory capacity to store far more information than can be printed on a traditional business card. Ideas include the addition of an individual’s CV and work history, links to websites, Twitter handles, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and more.


    It’s that really cool? Don’t worry. Nexqo could provide the transparent NFC business card too! And, what can my NFC business card do? Let see.


    OK, now, wanna your business card to be more scientific and technological? Wanna you be cooler? Visit our website:  OR email me directly:

    We’ll make it for you.

    transparent5 (5) transparent5 (8) transparent5 (11)

  • Cathy 15:56 on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    What’s the Difference Between RFID and NFC? 

    RFID is a radio frequency identification technology, it is mainly through radio signals to identify a specific target, and can read and write data, but only one way to read.
    RFID have low frequency (a few mm transmission distance), high frequency (13.56Mhz), ultra-high frequency, microwave frequency, etc., in different frequency bands, resulting in different power, resulting in different transmission distance.

    NFC is a short-range wireless communications technology, the chip has the ability to communicate with each other, and computing power. NFC RFID can be seen as a subset, using a high frequency (13.56MHz) RFID standards, but it is a two-way process.

    Common parts of NFC and RFID
    NFC and RFID relationship is very close, lingering. NFC is a wireless communication technology based on RFID, and RFID it the same in the following two points.
    First, NFC and RFID used the same frequency, are 13.56Mhz.
    Second, communication theory NFC passive mode is similar to the principle of RFID and communication, are based on the principle of electromagnetic induction coupling radio frequency.
    Although born out of RFID and NFC wireless Internet technology, NFC technology but, after all, it is a new technology for wireless communication with RFID there are still differences.

    Difference between them based on two points
    First, NFC technology to increase point to point communication functions, it can quickly establish a wireless communication between Bluetooth devices. NFC devices to find each other there by establishing a communication connection. In the communication mode, NFC different from the RFID network, which is built on a master-slave relationship under, and the chip passive way through the expensive and require energy to support the “read” device to read. The NFC device but can be set to passive and active modes, even in the case of equipment shutdowns under (passive mode), you can still transmit the identification data, it is precisely this characteristic makes it ideal for smart card applications. At the same time, it can also be in the active mode, and other active or passive RFID provided preparation of communication.
    Secondly, NFC and RFID for different applications, in addition to the application point communications, the main applications of NFC mobile micro-payments. NFC applications for mobility characteristics for identification and data exchange, and the main purpose is to identify RFID.

  • Allison.Wang 10:59 on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    NFC application introduction 

    NFC device has been adopted by many mobile phone manufacturers, NFC technology application basically can be concluded in the following five parts:
    (1) Touch and Go, such as entrance guard management, tickets, etc., the user will keep the ticket or access equipment near the card reader. What’s more, this also can be used in the logistics management.(2) contact payments (Touch and Pay), such as non-contact mobile payment, when users make the tags close to the NFC module of a POS machine, payment can be done and users can confirm the transaction.
    (3) Touch and Connect, such as make the two NFC device connected (like cell phones and laptop computers) for Peer – to – Peer data transmission, for example, download music, pictures from each other and exchange contacts, etc.
    (4) Touch and Explore, the user can use NFC mobile phones connect intelligent public telephone or posters near the street which has NFC function in to browse the traffic information, etc.
    (5)Load and Touch, users can receive and download information through GPRS network to pay or for entrance guard. What is more, the user can send the specific text messages to their housekeeping waiters to authorize them in and out of the housing.

  • Cherry.wong 16:16 on June 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    The Great Art here The Great Card here –Nexqo make great PVC CARD 

    PVC card making is not just our job, it is a dream starting here, we made all your thought come true.


    You want your card to be shiny and glossy, we can make it gold or silver sprinkle on the card.

    Gold and silver hot stamp will be glorious in the PVC card.

    Do you want your card to be cool and decent?

    UV ink is a very smart choice, you can have very textured card when you choose UV printing, 

     and not only use in PVC card, even paper card can make UV ink.


    Have you imagined there is special card not just standard size like others?

    Non-standard card will give you enough attention.

    You can customized the size and design, all of imagination you have, we help you to realize it.

    Artists may spend lots of their time to make a painting look great, and Nexqo will spare no effort to make your card nice.

    We make both special and normal craft as you request.

    Magnetic stirpe , laser printing, embossing, barcode, QR code, hole punch, scratch off panel, signature panel and hologram, as long as you want, we will make it for you.

    Welcome to Nexqo!

  • Editing Team 12:11 on January 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

    Researchers Developed New RFID System with higher Accuracy and Range 

    Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a new system which greatly improves the accuracy and range of RFID systems that are used in everything from passports to luggage tracking.

    The new system improves the accuracy of passive RFID tag detection from roughly 50% to 100%, and increases the reliable detection range from 2-3m to approximately 20m. It can be widely used in many monitoring applications, including support for the sick and elderly, real-time environmental monitoring in areas prone to natural disasters, or playing for goods without the need for conventional checkouts.

    RFID helps in many aspects. It uses radio waves to identify an object in the form of a serial number. The technology is used for applications such as baggage handling in airports, access badges, inventory control and document tracking.

    RFID systems are comprised of a reader and a tag. Unlike conventional barcodes, the reader does not need to be in line of sight with the tag in order to detect it, which means that tags can be embedded inside an object, and that many tags can be detected at once. Besides, passive tags require no internal energy source or maintenance, as they get their power from the radio waves interrogating them.

    The new system is being commercialized by the Cambridge team. This will allow organizations to inexpensively and effectively monitor RFID tagged items over large areas.

  • Editing Team 10:52 on January 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    AT&T Introduces NFC-enabled iPhone Cases for Isis Payments 


    AT&T has introduced a range of phone cases that add NFC functionality to iPhone, allowing users in the U.S. to make Isis payments.

    Five options are available:

    ■The Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case for iPhone 5 and 5S, available in black, pink or white for US$65.

    ■The Incipio Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case for iPhone 4 and 4S, available in black, white or pink for US$69.

    ■The Isis Ready Case for iPhone 4 and 4S users, available for US$65.

    ■The Isis Ready Charging Case for iPhone 4 and 4S, providing both NFC functionality and a backup battery for US$85.

    ■Otterbox Defender Series Mobile Wallet Case for iPhone 4 and 4S, offering NFC and rugged protection, for US$129.

    All five options can be ordered from AT&T now.

    “Using the Isis Mobile Wallet on an iPhone is simple. Select the Isis Ready NFC case, slide the iPhone in, download the Isis Mobile Wallet app from the App Store and tap your iPhone at hundreds of thousands of merchants nationwide for a quick and easy way to pay and save.”

  • Editing Team 17:57 on January 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Researchers Develop Human-Powered Battery for RFID Implantable Chips 

    human-powered-battery-implantable-chips-RFID-blogA group of American and Chinese researchers have worked together to develop a tiny implantable battery which is capable of harvesting and storing energy from the natural contractile and relaxation motions of the heart, lung, and diaphragm.

    These little mechanical energy harvesters have had been successfully tested on cows. The researchers say that they could be used to power a range of gadgets in the future. So it might be possible that you will be able to charge your iPhone by plugging it into your body.

    So how does the battery work? The rectifier integrated in the battery converts the electrical signal which then stores in a tiny rechargeable battery.

    One technology that will benefit from this is RFID. Humans will now be able to implant self-powered microcomputers inside of one’s body. Like all technology, it is neutral. It is how we use it that dictates the tools outcome.

  • Editing Team 12:29 on January 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Dutch Shoe Maker to Use RFID Labels During Production 


    Dutch shoe manufacturer Wolky has decided to attach RFID labels during the production of its products. Each label is embedded with a passive UHF EPC Gen 2 inlay. The labels can be scanned using !D Hand RFID reader.

    In fact, Wolky has already tagged its shoeboxes as shipments were received at the stores. One of Wolky’s resellers that has already integrated RFID successfully at its stores requested that Wolky attach RFID labels at the production stage in order to speed up inventory processes.

    Since Wolky believes other retailers will also wish to use the RFID technology, Wolky has agreed to the phased introduction of a standard Wolky RFID label on its shoeboxes at its footwear factories.

    Not only will each reseller benefit from the RFID labels, but Wolky will be able to use the RFID labels as a means of achieving efficiency benefits within its logistics chain, as well as increase supply chain reliability and improve customer satisfaction.

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