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  • Joanna Yu 12:27 on June 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Business cards with an embedded NFC chip 

    NFC(or Near Field Communication) is a new mobile marketing tool. Unlike using QR codes, the user does not need to download or even load an app to read. Just tap the NFC with an NFC-enabled mobile phone and the content loads up automatically. Currently the iPhone does not support NFC. Are you ready for NFC business cards? For a list of NFC compatible phone, please visit this link: 

  • Cathy 17:18 on June 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: RFID Tag   

    RFID technology how to make enterprises save cost 

    As we can know the RFID technology are more and more widely used in many applications, such as promoting, marketing, hospitality, enterprises, logistics etc. With bringing convenience to people.

    For example:

    The US famous retailer giant Wal-Mart used RFID technology after inventory management to save $ 52 million every year.

    Actually operation FRID tag technology is quite simple and only takes a handful of people management, cargo tracking and inventory search alarmingly high efficiency, greatly improve inventory management, reduce inventory and reduce logistics costs.
    Wal-Mart staff hand-held RFID tag technology machine-readable, timing hall or walking into a store selling goods warehouse, with all the goods in front of the transmitting antenna sweep, the number of all kinds of goods, inventory and other dynamic information automatically appears on all machines read on the fluorescent screen, has been out of stock and goods impending shortage column will alert warning sound and light signals, without a gap.

    If you also interested in RFID technology to save cost of your companies. Just contact my email address:

  • Cherry.wong 15:12 on June 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    A business card like a symbol of your identity 


    Nowadays, people are surrounded by lots of media like whatsapp, wechat, mobile phone and email, especially when you have mobile just like you have all the thing in your life. Now you will use mobile to remember all the people you meet and write down all their info into the mobile, even you can send name card through the mobile.

    But have you remembered you carried the business card and take it with two hand and give your business card for your business partner, to the new friend you just know, and to the very important clients?

    Recently, one of my clients order Ntag216 business paper card from me, he is a CEO own a technology company, when he got our product, he is very satisfied and write me a very happy comment, even discuss with his friend about it.

    Here I would love to quote some of his word as below:

    Is business card dead? Recently there has been talks about business card being thing from the past, but I think it just needs to evolve. I have seen amazing business cards like heart rate monitor in doctor’s card and many other digitalized cards. We just received our new cards that are machine readable with just a tap. Easy to contact us and if for some reason only one is left we can use it to pass contact info.

    I don’t believe that the business card is outmoded either, a good business card is just like you wear a nice clothes and show everybody yourself. Maybe the paper business card is not very functional, however, like my client said it just need to evolve.

    You can make yourself different with customized business or you can make it more functional like NFC business card, you can record and encode information into the card and pass it directly to most of mobile, since NFC function is hot in the world now.

    NFC business card can be made by paper or PVC, its appearance is just like the old business card before, but the inside is total different, NFC chip is widely used and you can write your website inside, when you can not make sure your potential client will check your website, just need to use a mobile to tag your business card, the website you write into the business card will be come out immediately, that is very convenient.

    Or you can write your info inside in case you run out of business card in the big event.

    I still believe that a good business card is a symbol of your identity.

    Nexqo provide great RFID and NFC business card with high quality.

    If you are interested in good business card, please contact

  • Sam 17:52 on June 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Intelligent Parking Management System–Part Two Solution 

    RFID Intelligent Parking Management System

    Part two Solution

    Hi, guys, do you remember the RFID intelligent parking maganent system I mentioned last week, and this is the follow up of it with a whole solution on how to make it happen.

    2 Solution

    2.1 Product configuration

    UHF RFID tag, UHF RFID reader, UHF RFID antenna, Computer service

    2.2 System working process

    The vehicle owner will have a UHF RFID windshield tag with the unique ID number, the tag records vehicle, owner information. RFID reader can read the date in the tag when vehicles in and out and transfer the according information to the computer server. The software will compare the tag date and that of database, the computer will send the approval instruction if they are same and the barrier will open to let the vehicle go, meanwhile the computer will process the user’s UFH RFID windshield tag records, such as the time point information of the vehicle in and out, which makes it easy to reuse the information. The computer will send the prohibition instruction if they are not same and the barrier will close not to let the vehicle go.

    The following is the system process chart.


    I will update this blog next week and any questions you have please leave a massage here or to my

  • Jear 17:37 on June 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Change the (Card) Game with NFC 

    Innovation is part of SMARTRAC’s DNA – as is close partnerships with its customers. The recently announced exclusive cooperation with Cartamundi, the worldwide leader in the production and sale of playing cards, collectable cards and cards for board games, is a great example of both.


    SMARTRAC and Cartamundi will jointly develop NFC inlays that are small, thin and inexpensive enough to be embedded in standard cards, such as sports trading cards, playing cards and game cards, which can act as active elements in console and smartphone games. Through this cooperation, the two leaders of their respective industries are joining forces to leverage and drive the growth of the global gaming market.


    Such NFC inlays need to be particularly thin and inexpensive, without sacrificing functionality and reliability. For mobile gaming brands and developers, NFC-equipped cards will open up exciting new possibilities for both physical and virtual gaming, and create new revenue streams from additional licensing opportunities. As an additional benefit, NFC can also facilitate brand protection and further enhance product authentication.


    The Future is There – Almost


    Cartamundi already makes NFC-enabled cards for use in casinos, most commonly to enable a casino’s software to identify cards during tournaments. These, however, are not standard cards. The NFC chips on the market are currently too bulky and – maybe even more importantly –  too expensive to be built into the majority of standard-size playing cards.

    Cartamundi and SMARTRAC aim to make such standard cards easily NFC-enabled as well, by creating an NFC chip that is thin enough to be undetectable in paper cards, and sufficiently inexpensive so that Cartamundi can make the cards affordable to consumers.Tom Kestens, Conversation Manager at Cartamundi, says: “For us, it’s all about lowering the bar to make the technology available to everyone. Our ultimate goal is for the most flexible, thinnest and cheapest NFC chip in the world.”


    SMARTRAC is working to make that happen, according to Mikko Nikkanen, Senior Director, Segment Industry, Electronics and Gaming at SMARTRAC: “Our goal is to develop a tag that can be embedded in any standard-size card. And we are proud to pursue that goal in close cooperation with an undisputed leader like Cartamundi, which sells around 15 billion cards annually.”


    Looking at the Day after Tomorrow
    No matter how much SMARTRAC can extract from today’s technology, it’s hard to imagine putting NFC inlays into each and every card in a standard playing-card deck, which typically contains 52 cards. To make this an economically feasible option, there has to be quantum leap in technology, since there is no reason to believe that silicon-based chips and conventional antennas will drop in price so radically anytime soon.


    Fortunately, an advanced alternative technology for ultra-low-cost NFC inlays is available, but has not yet reached the market in volume: (printed) thin-film electronics technology (TFT).


    To bring these flexible electronics from the lab to mainstream markets, Cartamundi, SMARTRAC and four other companies have launched the PING (Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging) consortium. Supported by the European Commission, PING’s overall goal is the creation of a platform that enables and facilitates the production of smart printed objects, like playing cards, based on flexible thin-film electronics. Such new technologies are a prerequisite to expanding the Internet of Things to inexpensive, very high-volume printed objects like cards, stickers and packaging.


    Continuing to Be the Leader
    As part of the PING consortium, SMARTRAC will contribute its expertise in antenna design and printing technologies, with a special focus on the connection interface between the printed antenna and TFT electronics. Leveraging its own industry-leading R&D resources, cooperating with strong partners such as Cartamundi, and contributing to initiatives like the PING consortium, SMARTRAC is set to continue leading NFC and RFID technology developments – even the day after tomorrow.


    If you wanna know more info about the NFC product, please visit our website:

    Nexqo, great card maker, make you colorful, connect your life.



  • Cherry.wong 17:21 on June 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    ISO14443A, ISO14443B and ISO 15693 protocol–RFID HF protocol information 


    For RFID technology, we all know that it has Low frequency, High frequency and Ultra high frequency.

    Different frequency is matching different protocol.

    Today we are talking about HF protocol.

    High frequency RFID technology has 3 protocol which is widely used in the world, it is ISO1444A, ISO14443B and ISO 15693.

    ISO 14443 A/B is Ultrashort reading distance smart standard. This standard is working among 7-15 cm short distance contactless card function and operation standard, 13.56 MHz frequency RFID card.

    ISO14443 has TYPE A and TYPE B two protocol, it is communication speed is 106 kbit/s. TYPE A is on-off keying Manchester encoding, but TYPE B is NRZ-L BPSK encoding.

    For transmission, speed and anti-interference, TYPE B is better than TYPE A. As we know that the core of RFID is anti-interference technology, and that is the main difference with Contact IC card.

    ISO 14443 A RFID popular chip: NXP MIFARE Series such as MIFARE Classic® 1K,MIFARE Classic® 4K, Ultralight series, MIFARE® DESFire® chip and most of chips in HF RFID and NFC. This standard is widely used in membership card, vip card, loyalty card, gift card and prepaid card etc. Mostly it is private application.

    ISO 14443 B RFID popular chip: SRI512 chip, LRI2K, SRIX4K and so on. Nowadays, Chinese ID card is ISO 14443 TYPE B protocol with its great encryption character. Mostly it is public application.

    ISO15693 is short reading distance smart card standard, and this standard is suitable in 1 meter reading distance smart card, which is 13.56 MHz . It is widely used in entrance control and attendance with long reading distance request.

    ISO15693 popular chip: ICODE2, ICOD SLI-S, TI256 AND TI2048 etc.

    Sometimes, if you ask for one protocol product you can not use it on other protocol product, it is not general used. However, there is some reader and tag can support multi-protocol, you just need to confirm the detailed request.

    No matter which protocol, Nexqo can provide different protocol readers, cards and tags.

    If you are looking for RFID cards, RFID tags and RFID reader.

    Please feel free to contact me through email:

    Welcome to NEXQO!

  • Joanna Yu 11:53 on June 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Wristbands: The Future of Ticketing 

    Radio-frequency ID (RFID) capabilities should not be overlooked. This cutting edge technology, newly emerging in the ticketing industry, allows you to both sell wristbands embedded with an RFID chip for your events, as well as scan them in at the door.

    RFID works by transmitting the information encoded in a persons wristband via radio waves, creating a fast, automatic, and completely virtual system by simply scanning the wristband at the entrance. No paper tickets are necessary, and thanks to the technology to read and scan the wristbands, you can alleviate event day stress by avoiding ticketing roadblocks at the door.

    You wanna get more details?Just click here:

  • Carolina Li 11:14 on June 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    One of the more efficient ways for marketing:RFID 

    At the very old times, animals communicate via special frequency radio interaction.

    After thousands of years,radio,also inspires us how to communicate more smart and efficiently.

    This emerging way for communication and marketing is exactly RFID.


    How come it being smart?

    Because all you need to do is collecting information that is what you want people to get just from a small tag. Special manufacturer like us can do the encoding process to help write the info. Into the tag.The tag can be sticked on cell phones or can be hanged on luggages or just more directly,on your business cards!

    Embedding a rfid chip into the middle layer of the pvc business cards,when people get it,they can get into and save your websites just by putting their phone on the cards!

    You wanna get more details on rfid business cards?Just click here:

    Our website for more


  • Jessie.lin 16:53 on June 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Ear Tag—For livestock identification and tracking 

    In some animal husbandry developed countries, such as Australia ,New Zealand, Argentina, how to manage the livestock was a difficult problem before. When RFID ear tags are applied to the animal management, It has became more efficient.

    If the ear tag uses Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology it is referred to as an electronic ear tag. Electronic ear tags conform to international standards ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 working at 134.2 kHz, as well as ISO/IEC 18000-6C operating in the UHF spectrum.

    •                           耳标读距

    Although there are many shapes of ear tags, the main types in current use are as follows:

    1. Flag-shaped ear tag: two discs joined through the ear, one or both bearing a wide, flat plastic surface on which identification details are written or printed in large, easily legible script.
    2. Button-shaped ear tag: two discs joined through the ear.
    •                            耳标管理

    For tracking livestock, An ear tag usually carries an Animal Identification Number (AIN) or code for the animal, or for its herd or flock .Each RFID tag has a unique ID,It is unchangeable and encoded in the product before ex-work. We can write some data in it base on the memory size of the chip. Thus, with these RFID tags attached to the ears of every animals, ranchers can easily get control of the livestock’s information, including date of birth, breeding, weight and disease condition, etc.

    This RFID ear tag has become more and more important and more and more widely adopted in animal management and without doubt it has been proved an effective method to identify livestock and stop stealing.

  • Tina 16:10 on June 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Contactless Card 

    RFID contactless card is a plastic or paper card which is embedded with a microchip and antenna inside, it is widely applied as access control card, employee ID card, hotel key card, parking card. Dual frequency RFID card is also available on request. Besides, Nexqo provides programming and encoding services which exactly fit customer’s programming or encoding requirements.


    There are 3 frequencies optional for RFID card;

    1.LF (Low Frequency) – 125 KHz

    2. HF (High Frequency) – 13.56 MHz

    3.UHF (Ultra High Frequency) – 840-960 MHz


    Customized information or data could be encoded into the microchip. With doing this, customers could put some corresponding information into the cards to make sure they are running on the right system and belong to the right person.


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