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  • Sam 11:09 on July 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Barcode Scanner Used in Express Package 

    Due to rapid development of economy, the logistics industries have been through the dramatic competition. Because of the diversified and individualized market demands and customers’ requirements, urgent alarm is called to integrate high technologies to make a better optimized platforms to improve the workflows. The automatic identification technology is one of most efficient methods to collect, identify and storage various data into computers. This solution shows how the handheld data terminal works with computers to achieve real-time data collection and transmission, and hence strengthen the workflow efficiency on an integrated logistics information processing platform.

    Our C4000 series handhelds integrate barcode scanning industrial PDA and GPRS technologies, which help shipping companies provide rapid and considerate services to clients. Accurate tracking, analyzing, real-time monitoring and management of staff – all of these are the key factors to establishing a good logistics company/freight forwarder.


    With the Internet and high technologies, including barcode scanning, SMS text messages and GPRS, we can improve the services, accuracy and manage costs for the companies in this industry.

    Hope this will inspire you to find more innovative stuff and you are welcome to leave a comment. You can find me in my email if you have any questions.

  • Joanna Yu 14:47 on July 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Works Better Than Barcodes 

    A significant advantage of RFID devices over the others mentioned above is that the RFID device does not need to be positioned precisely relative to the scanner. We’re all familiar with the difficulty that store checkout clerks sometimes have in making sure that a barcode can be read. And obviously, credit cards and ATM cards must be swiped through a special reader.

    In contrast, RFID devices will work within a few feet (up to 20 feet for high-frequency devices) of the scanner. For example, you could just put all of your groceries or purchases in a bag, and set the bag on the scanner. It would be able to query all of the RFID devices and total your purchase immediately.

    RFID technology has been available for more than fifty years. It has only been recently that the ability to manufacture the RFID devices has fallen to the point where they can be used as a “throwaway” inventory or control device.

    One reason that it has taken so long for RFID to come into common use is the lack of standards in the industry. Most companies invested in RFID technology only use the tags to track items within their control; many of the benefits of RFID come when items are tracked from company to company or from country to country.

    Need to know more information of rfid products, please check link:

  • Sean Ding 17:40 on July 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Library Management   

    The Application of RFID Technology in Library Management 

    Library management is an important part of RFID technology application. According to the survey, there are 10,000 libraries in China, and most of them have charged their management ways from Pure manual management to digital management through bar code identification, Internet or Computer network technology. Taking those modern technology, but there are still many questions confuse manager.

    RFID technology can solve many actual contradictions in the development of library, it solves rational distribution of library resources, improves the efficiency of library business, and meets the demand of the reader service, makes library pay more attention on custom service during the development and growth.

    As Shenzhen library for example:


    There are three kinds of RFID tag in Shenzhen library, including book tag, special CD label and bookshelf tag. Other main equipment include RFID reader, self-help borrowing system and access control system.


    The application of RFID technology makes Shenzhen library service levels and operational efficiency has a huge improving. The convenient caused by RFID technology get a widely welcome. The figure of people who come to library increase 6~9 times than before. A reader said the charming of technology has boundless power, he can’t believe that borrowing 5 books for library just takes several seconds. And Shenzhen library director Wu said: In the new library, won’t appear the phenomenon of queuing, also you can find the books you need immediately, because we are the first to adopt the RFID technology.

  • Sam 16:03 on July 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    RFID Warehouse Management 

    RFID Warehouse Management

    In this round I’m also going to share you guys how RFID makes our working more efficient and have gradually changing our life

    1. Warehouse Entering and Moving (RFID forklift)

    1) When the forklift catching the tray in the temporary storage area, the system will guide the forklift to the designated goods area according to the tray date read.

    2)When the forklift moves the tray to the designated goods area according to the system constructions and read the tray tag and goods area tag automatically, so to check the warehouse entering and moving operation and goods area are right or not, and feedback the confirmed the information to the system

     2Warehouse Picking/Packaging/Stacking/Stack Changing (handhold RFID)

    1) Actually, all the warehouse can use handhold RFID, whose operation are the same as barcode equipment. The efficiency can be improved magnificently because the RFID can read multiple tags. But this relies on labor operation so the improve effect of the error prevention and error correction is less than RFID portal and forklift.

     3. Warehouse Automatic Sorting System (RFID portal)

    1) RFID portal can be adopted o replace the fixed barcode scan equipment for the warehouse with automatic sorting system and integrate with the control system of the sorting system.

    2) Application shows this can dramatically improve the identification rate.

    Hope this will inspire you to find more innovative stuff and you are welcome to leave a comment. You can find me in my email if you have any questions.


  • Jear 14:35 on July 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    NFC make you life easier 

    Whether for identification, payment or commercial support purposes, NFC technology is now widely adopted by professionals and individuals.

    But do you know about all the uses and advantages of NFC?

    We already know about the access cards or contactless bank cards that save us some time every day. But there are also several mobile applications made to simplify your life using the NFC technology.

    By tapping your device near an NFC chip (a tag), these applications allow you to perform actions and automate tasks that were once repetitive.

    Before going to sleep, simply pass your phone over your NFC tag and it automatically turns off the Wi-Fi, switches your sound profile to silence and turns on your alarm for the next day. Quite practical isn’t it?

    Activate your Bluetooth, set an alarm, control the volume, play music, share a Wi-Fi network configuration, etc… All these actions are performed automatically without any effort. This is what the NFC Tools application on Android allows you to do.

    With both simple and more complex actions, the possibilities are endless for the users. This is why it is mainly the users who imagine these uses, because they directly correspond to their needs. The Outware company in Australia appropriated this technology too and adapted it to provide an original Wi-Fi access point designed entirely with a 3D printer and a NFC tag. And passing customers in the company premises can connect to the Wi-Fi with a simple gesture.


    For the most technophile among the “geeks”, you can program NFC tags to execute when certain conditions are met. Some interesting examples include; customizing your schedule, asking a question, and pairing to a Bluetooth device. The list goes on, depending on your creativity!


    And for others, the NFC is directly in their home automation systems and connected objects where each NFC tag will control their house: turning on lights, opening blinds…

    Sure, NFC has great potential in many areas. But always with the same objective: make your life easier.

    Welcome to visit our website:

  • Joanna Yu 14:19 on July 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Attendance Tracking with RFID Technology 

    Using Radio-frequency identification (RFID) for attendance tracking offers a few advantages:

    1. Speed:To record attendance, all you need is to bring the RFID tag within a proximity of about an inch from the reader.  The process is quick and there is no swiping or scanning involved.
    2. Cost:RFID tags are amazingly cheap (less than 30 cents each for the LF RFID key fob).  The reader is also inexpensive (less than $30 each for a LF computer reader).
    3. Convenience:The tag is provided in many forms including a key fob that can be attached to a keychain.  There is also an option for RFID wristbands.  The reader is compact and light weight.
    4. Security:The RFID tag does not carry any personal information and can be easily replaced if lost.
  • Sean Ding 17:09 on July 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: first aid,   

    The Application of RFID Technology in First Aid 


    There are many emergency patients in some large hospital every day. Especially in main emergency center, much patients will be send here after accident happening. So every second is precious at this time and any mistakes won’t be allowed to make. In order to confirm the identification of all patients quickly, completing the hospital registration and receiving treatment, doctors need to know more details, such as name, age, blood type, family name, medical history, emergency contact phone number. Those information was recorded by manual way in the past, it’s inefficient and makes high error rate. And it can’t carry out for critically ill patients. According to the statistics, there are many patients can’t be confirmed their information in a long time annually, it’s hard to contact their family resulting lots of fund can’t take back.

    In American Wellford hall treatment center, they take RFID technology to speed up handling the emergency patients. In the past, patient registration needed to take 15 minutes when a people came to hospital, but there are merely 2 minutes since using RFID medical card. The patient information was recorded into the RFID card through his previous treatment, when he comes to hospital again, all the information can be read immediately by scanning the card. Greatly save the time for emergency work.

    RFID technology provide a reliable, high-efficiency and economical way to store information and test method, so the treatment won’t be delayed and medical accident due to wrong identification can be avoided.

    • Bikram Yoga mat 00:30 on July 9, 2016 Permalink

      Hi all, here every person is sharing such experience,
      therefore it’s good to read this web site, and I used to visit this blog everyday.

    • Sean Ding 10:27 on July 11, 2016 Permalink

      Thanks for your reading, we will do better.

  • Jessie.lin 12:32 on July 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Newborn babies anti-theft system in the hospital based on RFID technology 

    In recent years, Newborn Babies stolen events have occurred in hospitals, which has become a focus issue of the government and the society. Such tragedies have brought both material and spiritual dual great loss to family and hospital. In order to improve the security system and avoid the tragedies, some hospital have adopted the RFID Technology for new babies anti-theft system

    So how could the RFID system could prevent the infant from stealing in the hospital?

    Firstly ,the staff will tie the harmless, intelligent electronic RFID wristbands tag with a unique ID to New baby, which can transmit the RF signal. These intelligent electronic tags will send their unique ID information to the anti-theft system in regular interval of time. Then the system can get the position of the baby and do real-time monitoring and tracking,With proper automation it will be impossible to swapping and kidnapping of newborns.

    If you want to know more details about this application, please leave your comments and You can send email to

  • Cathy 10:42 on July 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Passive RFID and Active RFID   

    Active RFID vs. Passive RFID: What’s the Difference? 

    Short Answer:

    Passive RFID systems use tags with no internal power source and instead are powered by the electromagnetic energy transmitted from an RFID reader. Passive RFID tags are used for applications such as access control, file tracking, race timing, supply chain management, smart labels, and more. The lower price point per tag makes employing passive RFID systems economical for many industries.

    Active RFID systems use battery-powered RFID tags that continuously broadcast their own signal. Active RFID tags are commonly used as “beacons” to accurately track the real-time location of assets or in high-speed environments such as tolling. Active tags provide a much longer read range than passive tags, but they are also much more expensive.

  • Tina 15:09 on July 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Loyalty,Gift ,and Membership Cards Increase Customer Acquisition 

    Loyalty,Gift ,and Membership Card, a system of the marketing business model. In the highly competitive retail market, your branded card can become a lifestyle icon. we can help you increase customer acquisition and retention with services such as:

    1. Secure data transfer
    2. Personalization: gift cards,loyalty cards persionalization, and multi-applications
    3. Innovation packaging to add value to your brands
    4. Reporting, stock management, adapted issuance options, card postage returns

    As one of the prepaid cards which can be used not only in entity store, such as supermarket, jewelry store, salon, flower store, toy store, book shop, you can see lots of these stores have some gift and reward cards that have some money in it, which can be rewards for clients, members and also can be a wonderful gift for relatives, and you can realize that is also a wonderful advertisement for promotion.

    If you want to know more details about Loyalty,Gift ,and Membership Cards, pls feel free to contact us. Nexqo can provide you the best quality, good service and competitive price. You can send email to Tina,

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