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    McDonald’s to Offer NFC Payments across Belgium 

    McDonald’s-Belgium-NFC-payments-rfid-blogMcDonald has partnered with Bpost Bank in Belgium to roll out NFC payments across all of its locations in the country in the spring of 2014. Customers will be able to connect their bank account to Seamless’ Seqr mobile app to make payments using either NFC or QR codes.

    “At McDonald’s, we are always looking at new technologies to increase the McDonald’s experience by offering our customers extra services,” said Kristel Muls, spokesperson for McDonald’s Belgium. “McDonald’s is just evolving at the same pace as consumers.”

    The fast food chain also announced in June that it is to pilot the Seqr mobile payment platform in Kuwait, in partnership with Kuwait International Bank.

    Seqr also enables consumers to make online, bill and parking payments as well as transfer money to other users free of charge, store receipts digitally and receive offers and promotions directly to their mobile device.

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    Shanghai Fudan Gets NFC Forum Certification for NFC Controller Chipset 

    Shanghai-Fudan-Microelectronics-NFC-Forum-certification-rfid-blogShanghai Fudan Microelectronics has become the first Chinese manufacturer to receive NFC Forum certification for its FM1930 NFC controller chipset.

    “Our certification demonstrates the compliance of our NFC controller chipsets and is a key milestone in our NFC strategy,” says Liu Yifei, assistant general manager of Shanghai Fudan.

    “We are the only vendor that can provide the NFC controller chip in mainland China. Having added NFC SE and NFC tag chips, we now offer a complete NFC chip solution for our customers both here and abroad.”

    The NFC Forum testing was conducted by the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Technology & Industry Promotion Center and the TA certification lab using Agilent’s T3111S Rider RFID HF Conformance Test System.

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    Google Promotes Its Google Play Music Service with NFC 


    Google has partnered with NFC specialist Tapit to promote its Google Play Music service using NFC- and QR code- enabled posters on public transport along the east coast of Australia.

    Buses in Sydney as well as trains in Melbourne and Brisbane will carry the posters until December 2013, directing commuters to the Google Play Music website to learn more about the music streaming service.

    “The whole approach for Google is turning their static outdoor assets into content delivery points,” Tapit’s Andrew Davis explains. Google will also be able to use the Tapit platform to understand how consumers are interacting with its outdoor media.

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    Asus Announces World’s First NFC-enabled Bluetooth 4.0 Headset 


    Asus has announced a headset which it claims to be the world’s first Bluetooth 4.0 headset to feature NFC technology. The EB50N earphones support one-touch pairing with smartphones and tablets, feature full-range stereo drivers, and boast a long battery life.

    With the inclusion of NFC EZ one-touch pairing technology, the Asus EB50N earphones can auto sync with any Bluetooth-enabled device held about an inch (3cm) away, or even closer. A multi-point connection mode means that they can also pair with devices simultaneously.

    The included Li-Pol battery offers up to 6 hours of continuous listening or talking, and users can also converse with two different people at the same time via the integrated microphone, or put one party on hold while chatting privately to the other. Though the product page currently claims 250 months on standby, the press release offers a more realistic 250 hours.

    Each earpiece is home to an 8 mm full-range driver with echo cancellation and noise isolation. The earphones have a reported frequency response of 20 Hz to 17 kHz, and 85 dB sensitivity (± 3 dB). The left earpiece is home to an LED indicator and power button, and the right sports a micro USB port for charging.

    At present, there is no word on pricing or availability.

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    Motorola Introduces NFC-enabled Voice Input Patch 

    Motorola-NFC-voice-input-patch-electronic-tattoo-rfid-blogMotorola has applies for a patent on a microphone, transceiver and power supply built into a patch designed to be stuck to a consumer’s neck. The idea is that the electronic tattoo would directly capture sound “emanating from a throat” and transmit it to a smartphone or other computing device via Bluetooth, NFC or other wireless protocols.

    The patch is intended to provide auxiliary voice input to a mobile computing device, and the company suggests it could be useful in noisy environments such as stadiums, busy streets, restaurants and emergency situations.

    The device, described throughout the patent application as an “electronic skin tattoo”, could also be embedded in a collar or a band worn around the throat.

    The inventor also suggests that the patch could be used to show whether the wearer is telling the truth. “Optionally, the electronic skin tattoo can further include a galvanic skin response detector to detect skin resistance of a user,” reads the patent. “It is contemplated that a user that may be nervous or engaging in speaking falsehoods may exhibit different galvanic skin response than a more confident, truth telling individual.”

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    NEC Adds NFC to Displays for Quick Setting 


    NEC has introduced a range of large screen displays for commercial environments that use NFC and a mobile app to make it easy for staff to conduct set-up and maintenance tasks.

    New NFC-enabled members of NEC’s P Series include 4 large format LED-lit screens ranging from 40 to 70 inches and suitable for use in demanding environments including quick service restaurants, retail and airports.

    “Just hold the phone to the display and use the free app to read and write,” explains NEC. “Configure displays once in the app and then copy the settings to all the displays before they go up.

    “The app can also be used to read relevant information such as serial numbers and a log file which can then be easily emailed and analyzed,” adds the company. “This makes failure reporting more convenient and less expensive.”

    The NFC-enabled displays in the range are the 40-inch P403, 46-inch P463, 55-inch P553 and 70-inch P703.

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    RFID Helps to Track Attendees 


    North American Prospect Expos (NAPE), which runs business conferences for the oil and gas industry, has embedded a UHF RFID tag to each badge cover to identify traffic levels on conferences floors, as well as monitor attendees at sessions and other events during the programs.

    NAPE is using the technology to track traffic onto the exhibition floor, as well as to monitor attendees during other activities, such as an introductory party held the evening prior to the show. With the RFID data, organizers can determine how many attend the evening event, how many come to the show floor and when this occurs. In this way, the company can better identify which activities are successful and which are less popular, as well as when the number of attendees may require increased or decreased staffing.

    The system not only captures each ID number and links it to a specific individual, but also uses a reporting tool that analyzes read events and transmits the necessary data to clients, thereby identifying traffic patterns and what they mean to the show’s success. For example, software calculates when each attendee arrives and leaves, how often that guest passes a specific area, and when traffic levels are high or low.

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    Samsung Galaxy Studio Live Uses NFC Tickets to Enhance Experience 


    Samsung Electronics UK has announced the launch of Galaxy Studio Live, a series of four live gigs taking place throughout the UK. Fans attending the live are using NFC to store their tickets and make purchase at the venues with a tap of their mobile device.

    Fans who get a ticket will receive an SMS and an e-mail, containing a unique ID number and a link to Samsung’s Smart Ticket app.

    Once the app is downloaded, consumers enter their ID as well as mobile phone number and choose the artist they are going to see from an in-app list. They will then be able to view their secure Smart Ticket along with videos and information on the artist and venue as well as enter competitions and listen to the artist’s tracks on Soundcloud.

    Consumers can also choose to link their PayPal account to the app so that they can buy food, drink and merchandise by tapping their phone against NFC readers at the venue.

    Those without NFC smartphones will be sent an NFC sticker which they can attach to the back of their smartphone to gain entry into the event and for making payments.

    “Electronic concert ticketing is widely accepted as a great idea and, not least, as one of the means of tackling the much-publicized problems related to unregulated secondary ticketing.”

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    NXP Announces Diodes for NFC Antennas Protection 

    NXP-diodes-protect-NFC-antenna-rfid-blogNXP Semiconductors has announced a new series of diodes designed to protect NFC antennas and controllers in mobile devices against damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

    “The NFC antenna is often integrated into the battery cover or the battery itself and is connected to the NFC IC via small contacts on the phone,” says NXP. “These contacts are an entry point for ESD strikes which are potentially hazardous to the NFC controller IC.”

    “The new NXP protection diodes safeguard the NFC IC according to the IEC61000-4-2 industry standard. At the same time, they are designed to maintain strong signal integrity of the antenna circuit by featuring very small variation of diode capacitance versus bias voltage. This combination ensures the best possible protection of the NFC system.”

    An 18V version is available immediately and a 24V version will launch in early 2014. Both “are ideal for today’s compact and slim smartphones,” says NXP.

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    Vanguard Develops NFC-enabled ViewTag for Luggage Tracking 


    Vanguard ID Systems has developed a weatherproof NFC luggage tag with an e-ink display that can be updated each time a traveler takes a flight and provides owners with information on their bag’s location throughout a journey.

    “The ViewTag works in conjunction with SMS text messaging,” the company says. “Throughout all airports, there is an RFID reader located on the loading belt for the aircraft. This RFID reader scans the ViewTag as it passes on-board the plane and sends a confirmation message to the subscriber.

    “The subscriber will receive a message at each destination. This enables the subscriber to know their luggage is on-board, made it on their connecting flight, or even made it to the final destination.”

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