China’ 2009 RFID Market Ranks 3rd In The World

“RFID and Internet of things in China Development Report 2009” has released by China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce at 6th May 2010, which indicate the industry of RFID and Internet of Things grows very quickly. China has the capabilities that independently developed and produced with low frequency, high frequency and microwave electronic tag and reader. China also made great progress at the chip design and manufacturing, packaging labels, reader design and manufacturing, systems integration and management software etc.

At present, about hundreds of Chinese companies involved with the internet of things industry. Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Wuhan and Chengdu have established RFID industrial park. Statistics show that in 2009, China’s RFID market increase 29.3%, reached 8.51 billion Yuan which about 1.25 billion USD, ranks third in the world after Britain and the United States.

China’s RFID application areas are continuously expanding,from identification, electronic ticket, to asset management, food and drug safety supervision, electronic documents, library, logistics etc. Furthermore, some cities are chosen as pilot city for Internet of Things applications. Qingdao as example, RFID applications has being used in financial, industrial production, public security, taxation, urban public utilities and more than 10 areas.