India Deploys RFID in Toll Plazas

India-NHAI-electronic-toll-collection-rfid-blogThe National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is considering launching an RFID electronic toll collection system on the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway, as part of its efforts to introduce this system throughout the country. The State Bank of India will be in charge of collecting the proceeds and distributing it among the respective concessionaires.

“Initial meetings have been held with the concessionaires and the bank. This will be the first toll road in South India where NHAI will introduce RFID,” said an official source in NHAI.

There are seven toll plazas in the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway, managed and maintained by various concessionaires including Soma, L&T, Reliance and NHAI. The 372-km long road is witnessing a significant increase in traffic.

Trucks, heavy vehicles and those travelling long distances can choose to use this convenient system. RFID cards, valid throughout the country, would initially be sold at the toll plaza where RFID details will be scanned, the cash will automatically be debited and the boom barriers will be raised to allow vehicles through.

Right now, 70% of the toll revenue on the road comes from trucks and the rest from cars and other vehicles. R. Sukumar, President, Confederation of Surface transport (Tamil Nadu) said such a system would help reduce waiting time at the toll plazas. “It takes us at least 25 minutes to cross the plazas when the shifts change. In this new system, if separate lanes are provided, it would help trucks.” he said.

There are 32 toll plazas on national highways in the State of which 12 are being managed by the NHAI.