Google Wallet May Support Movie Tickets, Boarding Passes, Coupons in the Future

google-wallet-nfc-mobile-payments-ticket-rfid-blogGoogle is currently working on Google Wallet to try to make the digital wallet application more widely adopted. Besides its Wallet APIs, Google has planned to add more features to the app, including support for movie tickets, boarding passes, coupons, and gift cards. These items were named by Google Wallet project manager Robin Dua. However, a specific timeline was not given yet. Dua says that Google is in active discussions for Google Wallet partnerships.

Google is currently working with airlines, transit agencies, and other partners to try to get secure credentials for Google Wallet. If Google succeeds, the app, along with Android-based smartphones with the NFC chipset inside, would be used for tickets for things like movie tickets, boarding passes, transit passes, gift cards, identification cards for school and government agencies, as well as other uses.

Right now, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system in the San Francisco Bay Area is using an NFC ticket card called Clipper Card which is used to tap on an NFC terminal. Clipper’s mechanism, for example, can be rolled into Google Wallet, so that customers can tap their Google Wallet-enabled phone onto Clipper readers to pay for their transit rides.

Similarly, the system can be implemented for airline tickets, movie tickets, and other event tickets like for the theater, opera and concert.

In this way, Google would be making its Wallet application able to replace your physical wallet, especially in terms of government and student identification cards.

Right now, the only carrier that actively supports Google Wallet in the U.S. is Sprint, but the company says that it is working with more carriers to expand the app.

In addition, Google is hoping to have a peer-to-peer payment mechanism, so that if you owe a friend $10, for example, you can easily pay back the money with Google Wallet either by sending money over the Internet or by tapping two NFC-enabled phones together.

Besides Google, carriers AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile USA are developing their own competing wallet service called ISIS. As reported by Brief Mobile, Google feels that its wallet system is better for consumers and merchants: ISIS is working on “direct provisioning” of cards to an issuer. Dua doesn’t think this approach is scalable. He believes Wallet is better for end users and merchants with its new cloud-based model.