Panalpina Monitors Cold Chain Network Using RFID Sensors

Panalpina-monitors-cold-chain-sensors-RFID-blogThe demand for RFID technology is increasing at a fast pace, especially in the healthcare industry, but not only limited to that. Now, Panalpina has integrated active RFID sensors in a third of its air cargo, since it is temperature sensitive. The company is now using SmartView technology on its cool chain network, and SmartView is also being integrated into the company’s IT platforms for seamless launching.

The shipments being moved by Panalpina are healthcare shipments for the most part but Panalpina is also responsible for moving pharmaceuticals, chemical pre-products, dangerous and hazardous substances, printing machines and high tech wafers.

SmartView is an active RFID-based temperature control system from Ambient Systems, an award-winning solution for cool chain optimization. Panalpina uses SmartView in its own controlled freight network. With RFID, temperatures can be recorded over-the-air and continuously monitored in the transit warehouse and while on the road when being transferred from the warehouse to the planes take off location.

Every 15 minutes, SmartView system will record the temperatures using the RFID sensors, which are attached onto the shipment. Once the plan reached the delivery location, the information is automatically transferred to the central database. The Panalpina routers are typically located in the airport transit warehouses.

Panalpina is also currently working on a system, which will make temperature monitoring of individual shipments directly accessible to its customers.