T-Mobile Austria Making Real-time Price Update via RFID

T-Mobile-Austria-update-price-real-time-rfid-blogIn the past, employees at T-Mobile Austria’s stores have to spend hours before work or during lunch break updating prices and other product details, involving printing and cutting out paper labels. Now, with RFID technology, T-Mobile Austria sought a more effective method to change product information across all of its retail stores in an instant.

The company has installed RFID-based electronic shelf labels, manufactured by ZBD Solutions, at 11 T-Mobile stores in Austria as well as within neighboring countries, reducing approximately 40% of staff’s labor time.

“Paper labels proved to be highly inefficient and very labor-intensive, often taking store staff away from selling,” says David Rogers, ZBD Solutions’ sales and marketing director. What’s more, he notes, there was no guarantee that changes were updated accurately at each store.

After successfully trialing the solution at a single store for 3 months, T-Mobile Austria determined that the system functioned and that employees were able to work with the technology.

With the system in place, David Morgan, ZBD’s senior VP of global sales and T-Mobile Austria’s managers, says, “staff are free to spend more time with customers, and T-Mobile can ensure that call or handset pricing information is always up-to-date and 100 percent accurate.”

By using the technology, Morgan reports, T-Mobile Austria has seen a 40 percent savings on material and employee costs, based on eliminating the manual printing, cutting and applying of labels, as well as a reduction in the need for paper and toner. The system also provides T-Mobile Austria’s managers with confirmation that pricing and product information remains up-to-date at every store.