RFID Monitoring System to Track Workforce at Construction Sites

ADR-Workforce-Moniter-construction-rfid-blogADR Software (ADR) provides automated workforce monitoring services to the commercial construction industry using a proprietary, on-site tracking infrastructure and anywhere-anytime web-based reporting application. The company has introduced Sharepoint integration capabilities for this automated Workforce Monitor service.

The system uses RFID tags, embedded in all-weather job stickers affixed to ordinary hard hats and ID badges, to track the comings and goings of workers on commercial construction job sites, throughout the day without delays, interruptions or intrusions. Since the system is non-contact oriented, traffic flow is unaffected and productivity is in increase. Workforce Monitor is currently monitoring over 20,000 workers at construction sites throughout the United States.

With this RFID monitoring system, general contractors, owners, project managers and sub-contractors can do a lot of things, including making real-time workforce decision, creating accurate and timely project workforce documentation, meeting contractual security obligations, improving safety awareness and response readiness as well as reducing exposure to financial risk.