OKSU Can Print Photos with Link to Webpage via NFC

OKSU is a digital printer designed by Alex Zhulin, which produces physical connections to what you see online. It was developed as a senior project for the British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow.

This mini machine can print off any photo, recipe, or article you wish from the Internet, but it promises to offer much more than just printing services. When you print anything out on the OKSU printer, simply placing it on top of the printer again will re-open the particular webpage on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

For example, if you print out a photo of your favorite album and embed a link to the music in the image, when you drop the printed version on top of the OKSU, your NFC-enabled device will automatically start to play it. Just like a magic.


Of course it’s not. Such a thing is made possible because the paper which OKSU prints on has an NFC (Near-field Communication) chip embedded in it. Thus, any device that can read from the chip can instantly open whatever link is embedded.

What may disappoint you is that OKSU wouldn’t work with normal sheets of paper. Instead, you would have to invest in packs of Z-ink (zero ink) paper and they would also have to be a new range of Z-ink sheets that include the necessary NFC chip. But the good news is that this kind of paper has built-in color pigments, which means no ink cartridges are needed.


Most websites have their own phones apps now and many posters use QR codes to open up webpages, but this printer requires no scanning. It’s instant. It also helps that there are growing number of applications for these NFC cards, such as giving away music samples at gigs, adverts in magazines linking to the iPad version, or even a new type of business card that links to your website!

Sadly this printer is only a concept at the moment, so there’s no word yet on pricing or when it would be available, but the overwhelming interest thus far has given Alex Zhulin the incentive to move forward with the project. As long as the printer and the Z-ink paper aren’t too expensive, this little gadget could hit the market.