Taab’s NFC Payment App being tested on BlackBerry 7


Many of us may have had the experience of being stuck at the bar just waiting to pay the bill. There must be a better way. With NFC, this is now a reality. As is known, NFC is a hot topic now. It’s more than just tapping & sharing media with friends; it was born for mobile payments on the go. Using NFC, sellers can provide customers with ease of payments.

Taab, a new NFC payment service provider, aims to take mobile payments to the next level and speed things up. Recently it has released an innovative new NFC payments app which is available for BlackBerry 7.0+ now and Android 4.0+ devices. They are also developing it for BlackBerry 10.

The app lets you pay at certain business with your phone via NFC by using the apps store and tapping it.

No more fumbling with cash, credit/debit cards or anything like that to split the bill. With Taab, you can split the bill with friends and share items with just a tap using an NFC-enabled smartphone.