Indian States to Launch RFID Technology at Border Checkposts

India-state-checkpost-rfid-blogThe transport department and the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) plan to introduce RFID technology to the state’s border checkposts.

While distributing RFID stickers to trucks, tankers and trailers, vehicle data is entered into the systems. The data includes vehicle registration number, chassis number, validity of fitness, details of taxes paid, etc. The trucks with RFID stickers will pass through metal frame detectors and all the details of the vehicle will appear on the computer inside the terminal.

There are two advantages for this deployment. For one thing, it eliminates long queues and reduces waiting time. For another, it can also curb corruption by RTO officials.

“Trucks will pass through huge metal frame detectors through which we can read the data stored on the RFID sticker and view it within seconds on a computer. Unless taxes are not paid or truck is carrying excess goods, we will not stop the vehicle,” a RTO official said. The project is being jointly undertaken by MSRDC and the transport department.

State transport commissioner V N More said, “There is no scope of any corruption. All information will be digitized and we keep a computer record of all vehicles passing through the checkposts.” The project is first being implemented in the Gujarat-Maharashtra border posts before being launched at the other posts across the state boundaries.

A transporter association welcomed the system, saying it would lead to transparency of data. “Also, they can have e-payments through RFID technology in future. Also, it will save us time, energy and fuel while crossing the checkposts,” he added.