NXP Leads the Growing Contactless Ticketing Market

NXP-Semiconductor-MiFare-contactless-ticketing-rfid-blogAccording to a report from ABI Research, NXP Semiconductors still dominates the contactless ticketing market despite strong competition from key market players like Austriamicrosystems, Infineon and Samsung. NXP claims that its line of MiFare solutions has played an important role in maintaining its position in the market. The company had 70 percent market share in 2011 due to its mart card and RFID ticketing IC shipments.

”Contactless smart ticketing used to be adopted only by those large flagship cities across the world. We are now starting to see contactless ticketing solutions adopted by smaller towns and cities, who realize the benefits and potential ROI contactless technology can achieve. For example, the transport authorities within Newcastle, Bradford, and Manchester in the UK are all looking into contactless ticketing adoption, inspired by the London Oyster card,” says John Devlin, Practice director at ABI Research.

The overall contactless ticketing market continues to grow at a double digit rate (YoY) and is bringing in new market players, whilst allowing those already active and dominant to maintain a strong position in the years to come.