Narian’s NFC Paging Speeds up Customer Service


Near field communication technology provider, Narian Technologies, launched NFC Paging — what it is calling “the next generation in customer service” — a solution designed to streamline customer service using NFC tags and mobile phones.

A shop or restaurant installed with NFC Paging system allows customers to tap their NFC phone against an NFC tag to automatically page the store’s employees to attend to the customer. Once the customer is reached, the employee taps his/her NFC-enabled ID badge to the customer’s phone, confirming to management that the customer was served in a timely manner.

“NFC is here today, but most people don’t even know it,” said Einhar Rosenberg, CEO of Narian Technologies, in a statement. “The reason people don’t, is because it’s pushed as either a mobile payment technology, or a novelty for hobbyists. The reality is that NFC is the fastest growing, and most powerful technology today. Narian realized years ago, that NFC could make lives better, in a completely new and revolutionary way. To be frank, customer service sucks today, and takes too long, whether consumers are trying to get service at a restaurant, or find help in a store. The simple fact is that everyone has experienced a lack of quality, when it comes to service.”

According to Narian, on average, customers lose as much as 1 hour each day simply waiting for service or trying to find it, in every type of store or restaurant. Businesses lose $2 trillion in sales opportunities every year due to poor customer service. Now, this technology makes it easy for both consumers and management to make sure that employees get to customers.

Narian has priced NFC Paging at $20 per month, but the company says it will provide the service free to the first 500 businesses who sign up, according to a release.