Google Wallet Adds Major Credit Cards

Google-Wallet-credit-cards-mobile-payment-nfc-rfid-blogAll major credit cards now work with Google Wallet, the company announced on its blog last Wednesday. Previously restricted to one CitiBank-issued card, the company has now expanded its mobile payments platform to add Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

From now, users don’t need to swipe a card; they just have to enter their info into the service to use their phones at places accepting Google Wallet payments.

Still, there are some concerns over the security of these kinds of services, so Google has also launched a cloud-based version of the app that allow users to, for instance, remotely disable the tool if a phone is lost or stolen. Customers can now make purchases in physical retail stores or online using Google Wallet, and can turn the app on or off on their devices remotely from the Web, according to Google.

But Google Wallet still only works on devices adapted to the near-field communication (NFC), like Sprint, Virgin Mobile handsets and the Nexus 7 tablet.

For the moment, there are 25 national retailers accepting Google’s mobile payment app. Besides, there are 200,000 locations where people can use Google Wallet.