Unlock Your Door Anywhere Via Lockitron

Lockitron-unlock-NFC-rfid-blogWhen going out, there are three things that people always take with them: keys, wallet and phone, but now, with Lockitron, you simply need to take your wallet and phone, because you can use this new gadget to lock and unlock any door with your phone, from anywhere in the world.

Lockitron is produced by Apigy, an American start-up company founded by university students Paul Gerhardt and Cameron Robertson. Gerhardt said that “the idea is to replace keys entirely, everywhere from your home to your car to your gym locker”.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a Lockitron deadbolt kit containing the Wi-Fi-controlled deadbolt and a base station with a USB remote control. After that, you only need to install the deadbolt on your door and configure it on your phone. Then you can simply select the door you want to access and tap the lock or unlock icon, the door will respond accordingly, no matter where you are — you could be a thousand miles away and still let in a visitor, plumber or forgetful housemate. If there’s no Wi-Fi connection, you can still unlock the door and grant other people control of the door via a text message.

Any smartphone can use the service over the Web. The app is for iPhone and Android. The Lockitron system will even work by simply waving an NFC-enabled phone at the lock. NFC (near-field communication) tech is becoming increasingly popular, allowing phones to pay for things and enabling you to play Angry Birds with other phone users.

A big concern is the security. The online service uses the secure HTTPS protocol, and Lockitron promises that data is encrypted and protected by firewalls, but if you lose your phone, that means you also lose your keys.

Lockitron is one of the coolest examples we’ve seen of the ‘Internet of Things’ — the idea that real-world stuff can be connected to you and to other stuff via the Web. Google recently announced its own take with Android @ Home, which turns your Android phone or tablet into a remote control for everything electrical.