Danish Manufacturer Uses RFID to Better Manage Shipping Containers

Danish-manufacturer-manage-shipping-container-RFID-blogFærch Plast is a Danish manufacturer of plastic containers used for packaged food products. It ships its products to customers using reusable steel cages. However, with thousands of customers around the world, it was difficult for Færch Plast to manage the return of tens of thousands of cages.

In order to track the locations of the shipping containers in a more efficient way, the company decided to deploy an RFID solution from Impinj. Færch Plast applied RFID tags to 25,000 of their shipping cages.

At the company’s Danish plant, after cages have been loaded with product, an Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID reader reads the RFID tag’s ID number and records it in the Prosign software. A barcode label is also affixed to the loaded cage, and workers scan the barcode and RFID tag with a Psion Workabout Pro 3 RFID handheld reader which is based on the Impinj Indy RFID reader chip. The number from the barcode and the RFID tag are linked together in the Prosign software.

When a customer places an order, warehouse workers retrieve a cage loaded with product from storage and scan the barcode, making a record in the software of the cage’s date and time of shipment. When the storage containers are returned to Færch Plast’s warehouses, a Speedway Revolution reader interrogates the container’s RFID tag and register that the cage has been returned.

The Prosign software is able to show how many cages are at each customer site and how long they have been there, allowing Færch Plast to notify customers of the exact number of cages they need to return.

Since implementing the RFID system, the company projects they will not need to purchase additional shipping containers because they are able to better manage their current containers.