NUAA Sent the First RFID-equipped “Intelligent” Admission Notices

NUAA-intelligent-admission-notice-RFID-blogThis year, a group of students of Electronic and Information Engineering at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), led by Dr. Cui Yijun, have added “intelligence” to the admission notices of NUAA. In fact, they have put RFID chips into the notices.

“We prestore the new students’ encrypted personal information like name and student number. When they get on the school bus, the reader installed on the bus can automatically read the information on the RFID chip of the notice. Since the identification system is connected to the Internet, teachers on the campus will learn that you are on the bus, so that they can prepare your registration materials, which saves a lot of time.” Cui said, “When students arrive at school, they can tap the notice on the terminals and instantly get the detailed information of the school, as well as where to register. Besides, you can set your destination and it will tell you how to get there.”

Here’s a cool part of it. Since the date of birth is stored on the chip, the RFID reader can read the information within 15 meters. If a new student happens to be on his/her birthday, once the reader reads the information, it will quickly respond by saying “happy birthday to you!”.

Traditionally registration is done by hand, which usually takes at least one and a half minute per student, but this year it only takes a few seconds.

“Students only need to tap their notices on the terminals and all the information will be on the computer, no need for manual work.” deputy director of the Students’ Affair at NUAA, Zhang Peng introduced, “Imposter can also be avoided, since students’ photos are also stored on the chip. In addition, these new notices are encrypted with security codes totally different from each other, so it’s impossible to copy them.”

Last year, NUAA used bar codes on the notices. Of course using bar codes can increase the security. “The problem is that scanning bar codes are not that convenient and it takes more time. On the other hand, RFID chips can be read within 15 meters, which greatly improve efficiency.”

These notices are the first “intelligent admission notices” in China. Cui Yijun has led his group to put RFID into admission notices and this management-system-based technology has been applied for national patent. All the group members are from NUAA.