tomPAY NFC Tag Used at London 2012 Olympics

Identive-tomPAY-NFC-tag-London2012-Olympics-rfid-blogIdentive Group, Inc. is a provider of products and services for the identification, security and RFID industries. It has announced that the Olympics is deploying and using its tomPAY NFC tag technology for payment application at large hospitality events.

tomPAY can be manufactured with standard ISO PVC card manufacturing process. It can be removed and stuck. It can be used as conventional contactless cashless payment card, too. Besides, the NFC tag portion can be peeled off and affixed to a mobile phone. When it is placed on a mobile device, it enables contactless mobile payments and also can be used for loyalty or other applications. tomPAY can be adapted to support EMV-compliant (SDA/DDA) chips, opening new opportunities for card makers and issuers to provide their customers with an EMV-enabled tap-and-go experience.

“We are excited that our new tomPAY product is used at a major event like the London Olympics shortly after its launch a few weeks ago. We are gratified that tomPAY has been accepted and is expected to be used by up to 100,000 visitors for mobile payment at hospitality events in London,” said Dr. Manfred Mueller, COO of Identification Products for Identive. “This is a great occasion to showcase our innovative NFC tags and our proprietary patented and patent pending technology in a challenging environment with a large number of users and daily transactions.”

Identive developed its patented tom technology (“tag on metal”) to overcome the issues inherent to RFID performance when in contact with metal surfaces. The performance of conventional RFID tags is adversely affected by exposure to interference generated from metals, such as the components of mobile phones.