How NFC Enhance Guests’ Experiences at a Lobster Roll Rumble

Tasting-Table-Lobster-Roll-Rumble-NFC-rfid-blogEvery year in June, Tasting Table, a daily-email-for-foodies company, hosts a Lobster Roll Rumble with around 20 lobster roll slingers competing for the title “best lobster roll”.

In the past, Rumble voting was done either via text or paper votes in boxes, which were not only inconvenient but also inexact. This year, working with Tagstand, the food site decided to turn to NFC technology for voting. At the door, guests received NFC-enabled wristbands and they could cast their votes with a wave.

NFC has promising applications, and we are already seeing the technology hit the mainstream. This year’s Rumble made the technology accessible to the masses, even the ones with dumbphones, and it worked pretty seamlessly. It was less confusing and more than 90% of attendees cast a vote.

Besides casting votes, attendees could tap their bracelets to send a message to Facebook or Twitter, like “Cooling off with some Häagen-Dazs ice cream at the 2012 Tasting Table Lobster Roll Rumble.”

“Based on our guest survey and the number of taps, NFC was a huge hit. It allowed us to gather voting results in real time, which we displayed at the event,” says Kai Mathey, VP of Communications at Tasting Table.

“Most guests hadn’t experienced the tech before, so a lot of their feedback on the survey highlighted how impressed they were with the technology,” says Mathey.

Tasting Table decided the technology was accessible, would help to streamline the voting process (and make it real time) and be a cool, novel feature of the event.