The HEX Stealth iPhone Case to Hold RFID Cards

HEX-Stealth-iPhone-case-RFID-blogIf you often need to use a radio-frequency identification (RFID) card, you can consider this iPhone case.

The HEX Stealth case for iPhone 4/4S, made of polycarbonate and with a matte finish, has a special compartment that holds an RFID-enabled card, allowing users to make tap-and-go with a touch of the iPhone case.

RFID cards usually consist of a small chip or tiny antenna, which store key information including credit card numbers, expiration data and security information.

The most meaningful character of the product is that it has a shielded internal storage flap which prevents the card and phone from interfering with each other.

The protective case is optimal for one or two cards, which keeps your phone sleek and slim. If you don’t have an RFID card, you can use the compartment to hold another card or cash.

The Stealth case is available now from HEX or from Apple in either black or white for $34.95.

However, the HEX Stealth case does not stop the broadcast of RFID signals, so you’d better use the case to carry transit cards and nothing too valuable, but not to have RFID-enabled cards without a RFID-blocking wallet or card shield that jams the signal, as high-tech crooks are known to steal valuable data from unassuming victims with homemade radio-frequency readers.