Does Apple Have More Ambitions for NFC?


It has been said that Apple will equip NFC functionality in its next iPhone, which will work with PassBook to provide mobile wallet functionality to users, but it’s more than that.

Recently US Patent and Trademark Office announced a new patent for Apple, which suggested that Apple was going to bring out more NFC functionalities than just a mobile wallet app. The patent was applied during 2009 to 2010. There were dozens of illustrations showing that the iPhone can interact with many devices and control them, including a TV, a DVR, a standalone camera and even a projector.

Patently Apple introduced that the system can interact and control, for example, iOS devices, standalone TVs and Apple TVs. In the future, Apple TV will be able to control cables, satellite television programming and video game play via a video game controller. It will surely be a great step forward for Apple if users can use a standard controller to play high-end PGR video games.

Yet Apple wants more than that. They expect the NFC-equipped iOS devices to control standalone cameras, projectors, in-home security systems, lawn sprinkler systems, your thermostat, garage door, etc. iOS devices will eventually support NFC. Besides, Apple will also develop more new applications and other applications similar to iWallet. But as to whether the next iPhone will equip with NFC, let’s just look forward to it.