Openways’ Mobile Key Allows Customers to Open Hotel Rooms with Phones

Openways-mobile-key-nfc-rfid-blogOpenways, the global leader in smartphones and hotel keys, has worked with NXP semiconductors and announced a little near-field magic to its Mobile Key solution. This solution is not only fully deployable today, but also future proofed for the anticipated consumer take up of NFC mobile and smartphones of tomorrow. Now, you can receive your room number direct to your phone and wave yourself past the door, no need for stopping in front of a reception desk. The makers claim that the optimized antennas mean it can work with any phone, carrier and lock system, which is effectively future-proofed.

OpenWays has pioneered front desk bypass solutions, and with the only actual deployments, is the leading solution of its kind, chosen by international and national chains, and leading independent hotels as their standard for enabling guests to skip waiting in line when they arrive at their hotel and head straight to their rooms. Guests coming from anywhere in the world can use their own mobile phone regardless of carrier or operating system. Despite a very slow start, NFC is seen as becoming important in mobile technology and usage in the next five to seven years.

“NFC is a complicated and confusing topic, but it is essential for hoteliers to understand and differentiate between NFC and RFID,” said Pascal Metivier, founder and CEO of OpenWays. “Having an RFID door lock does not future proof an investment when considering NFC – far from it! Similarly, having an NFC strategy without considering the wider implications of mobile phone and carrier dependency means anyone selecting NFC today needs to thoroughly research the topic to avoid making a costly mistake.

“Guests are looking for efficiency in their travel,” Metivier added. “Modern hoteliers understand the importance to adapt to new guest demands.”

Guests choosing to use the Mobile Key option are sent a message on the day of their arrival at the hotel with their room number. They simply proceed directly to that room, hit a key on their mobile device and enter their room.

Hotels also are increasingly realizing the convenience of mobile keys. This enables hotels to manage instantly and track and report usage real time, thereby enhancing operations and security.