ShelfX’s Vending Fridge ‘knows what you took’ via QR codes, RFID

ShelfX-vending-fridge-QR-code-rfid-blogQR codes and RFID tags are used quite often in automated payment applications. Now Colorado-based ShelfX has adopted them for its new wireless-equipped Vending Fridges.

Scan a QR code with your phone (using the company’s app) or an RFID badge, and you can purchase any items packed inside, no need for a cashier or cash. By this way, it’s able to recognize your account and unlocks its door. From there, you can consider what to buy, the sodas, sandwiches, fruits, or other items in the fridge and remove what you’d like. After closing the fridge it’ll figure out what items were removed (even if you moved stuff around you’ll only be charged for missing items) and it’ll automatically process the payment. You don’t have to worry about being charged while making up your mind, for the system is smart enough to know when goods are put back.

The system also keeps track of stocks as they get low, and it’ll send once-monthly remittances to shop-owners with the revenue generated minus a fee that ShelfX keeps for itself. The Vending Fridge is currently on sale for $599, and a retrofitting kit for your own fridge is also available for half that amount.