Mobile Wallet

Shenzhen, a fishing village next to Hong Kong about 30 years ago, is now become one of few mega-cities in mainland China. This city’s rapid development has reflects the success of China’s economic strategy since 1980s. Shenzhen has being well-known for its electronics manufacturing, and now the local government decide to build itself into a innovation-oriented city, and strive to become the first Chinese e-commerce model city.

On 15th of March, China Mobile’s Shenzhen branch officially announced that it will launch a trial of new mobile e-commerce service base on RFID technology. This is an enhance service of earlier application of the “Mobile Wallet”, the service will fully covered on transportation, consumption and enterprise businesses.

To enjoy the service, citizens need to go to one of China Mobile’s high street shop, change their old SIM-card to a RFID-SIM card which they can stay with their original phone number, the mobile phone then can be use as a bank card. From now on, citizens can take a bus or underground with just lightly brush their mobile phone on a reader instead to buy the ticket. They can use mobile phone to buy cinema ticket, to pay their bill at restaurant, to sign their attendance at company front door etc…

If China Mobile can runs this new project successfully, that will greatly promote the share of RFID industry in Chinese market, while the citizens will benefit from an efficient life.