Replacing Android Beam, Here Comes Samsung S Beam

Samsung-GalaxySIII-S-beam-nfc-rfid-blogSamsung S Beam is a brand new technology to share or transfer files. With S Beam, tapping two devices together and you can quickly share various files on your phone to the other: photos, music, videos, contacts and even the websites you’re browsing. It also amazes people with its transferring speed. As is said by Samsung, theoretically S Beam can transfer in a speed of 300M per second. In terms of operating convenience and transferring speed, Samsung S Beam is no doubt a clear victory over Bluetooth. In the future, it may replace Bluetooth and become the most ordinary way to share and transfer files between smartphones.

NFC enables devices to transfer with a tap, but is limited to smaller file sizes. Wi-Fi Direct allows for large files transferring, but it’s not convenient enough to operate. So here comes Samsung S Beam, pairing with NFC and transferring with Wi-Fi Direct, which properly combines the advantages of both.

So what’s the difference between S Beam and Android Beam? Let’s start from NFC and Android phones. The first NFC-enabled Android phone is Nexus S, but it only allows the phones to be used as bank cards, bus cards, etc. Only when Android 4.0, namely Android Beam, is released does using NFC to transfer data become a reality. With Android Beam, users can share files on phones with a tap. As is mentioned above, Samsung S Beam allows for sharing of music, photos, videos and various files, but Android Beam only allows for sharing of websites and contacts. It’s impossible to share files like music or videos with Android Beam, for contacts are the biggest files it can transfer.

It seems more likely that Android Beam is an experiment. The limitation of file size prevents it from popularizing. On the other hand, Samsung S Beam is more mature: convenient sharing with a tap, high speed transferring with Wi-Fi Direct. S Beam is a clear victory over any transferring mode on mobile phones.

The first NFC-enabled Android phone is Samsung Nexus S, the first Android phone with Android Beam is Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and now the first Android phone with S Beam is Samsung Galaxy S3. By far, every important promotion of NFC on Android phones has been made by Samsung. Among many handset-makers, there’s no doubt that Samsung contributes the most to the development of NFC.