IPhone 5 May Take Us into the “iTravel” Era

iPhone5-iTravel-nfc-rfid-blogYesterday Apple has been approved a new patent called the iTravel which could enable the next iPhone to be used to solve almost any reservation during your travelling.

A key feature of iTravel is to enable paperless ticketing and wireless check-in systems similar to Qantas Next-Generation Check-in.

The app could be used to make bookings for flights, hotels, car rentals and even trains and buses, and help track along the way. For example, travel reservations may be made via the management application or may be retrieved from an email, a website, another NFC-enabled device, or a carrier-provided confirmation number.

These RFID-featured services would rely on short-range Near Field Communications (NFC) technology being built into the device, which means the iPhone 5 will stand a good chance of supporting NFC, even though Apple has not publicly discussed it.

NFC’s main claim to fame has been the ability to make fast and convenient payments as well as easy data transfer between devices. However, despite adoption by major mobile manufacturers, networks and vendors around the world, it has yet to gain the sort of mainstream traction, which is one of the reasons Apple has yet to get on board.