2017 Nexqo UHF Ear Tag

Nexqo UHF Ear Tag

Nexqo is dedicated to the development and production of innovative and high quality livestock identification tags and applicator devices, designed to meet market requirements. Our UHF tags can be widely applied in all the field of information management for animals and livestock, such as breeding population, epidemic prevention and quarantine control.

8 Key Features:

  1. Greater than 99% retention as supported by trials.
  2. Clean raw material protects animals against the spread of disease and risk of infection.
  3. The flexibility of the male tag and the 60° piercing angle eliminates snaging, rounded edges and corners won’t injure livestock.
  4. Superior readability enhanced by the transponder being protected in ABS resin, reading distance up to 4.5 m.
  5. Large printing area and free rotating design allows the tag hang correctly to ensure better readability from the front and back of the animal’s ear.
  6. Fast, easy and safe application.
  7. Tamperproof and non-tamperproof (reusable) options are available.
  8. Suitable for cattle, deer and sheep.

Size and color:  

Nexqo’s tag has the most scientific design and reasonable size.


Customing your tags with logos:

Laser print delivers premium contrast and high visibility of the information printed on the tag.

3 optional printing: Series number, Logo, Bar code



If you want to know details about RFID Animal Tag, please contact me.