RFID to Achieve Real-name Train Ticket in China ?

RFID_CHUNYUNChunyun refers to the extremely high traffic load of transportation in China around the time of Chinese new year. The high traffic load usually begins 15 days before the Lunar New Year, and lasts for around 40 days. This period is also called Spring Festival travel season, or Chunyun period. The number of passengers during the Chunyun period has exceeded the population of China, hitting the 2-billion mark in 2006.

Due to the basic nature of Chinese railway tickets and the loosely set limitations on the number of “standing tickets” ,Scalpers profit greatly during the Chunyun period. Organizations of scalpers have emerged, and the scalpers inside the sometimes intricate network work collectively to make the most gain out of the tickets. They pick up tickets in great numbers minutes after they go on sale, and then deal them out in and around the railway station at highly inflated prices.

The Chinese government tried a lot of ways to stop the Scalpers, but the effect was not obvious. Many people and media has suggested using a real-name ticket system in China. Actually, the real-name system was suggested for many years,but the railway departments always use various excuses to reject it out. Programs and technologies should not be the problem, Because the market has a lot of very good technology can solve this problem, RFID technology is one of them.