Reusable NFC Nano Suction Pads Seek Funding on Kickstarter

nfcPad-nfcTack-Kickstarter-NFC-rfid-blogA California-based startup is raising US$8,000 on Kickstarter on its self-developed nfcPad and nfcTack, two new NFC tags that use nano suction pad instead of a sticky adhesive which usually leave marks when they are removed.

“In a mobile environment, NFC tag locations change often and NFC stickers need to be changeable, removable and reusable,” the team says, “Nano suction pads adhere to most hard flat and non-porous surfaces as long as the surfaces are not non-stick material like silicone, Teflon or polyethylene. Nano suction pads use microscopic suction pores to grip onto surfaces. They do not use any adhesive, yet their adherence is very strong and they leave no residue.” the team says.

Different from nfcTack, the bigger nfcPad is designed to hold a device as well as provide NFC functionality. “The nfcPad can hold a device up to 2lbs (1kg) under ideal conditions, but the rated safe-working load is limited to 7oz (200g),” the team explains.

“We evaluated many NFC form factors including NFC stickers, NFC cards, NFC rings and NFC bracelets, but the NFC tag with nano suction pad was the most versatile for our multiple applications.”

“When the nano suction becomes soiled with dust or grease, it can be cleaned and its suction adhesion revived,” they add. “The prototype nano suction is durable; we have tested nano suction for two years.”

Various nfcTack and nfcPad kits are now available, with prices starting at US$13.