NXP and EnOcean Shows NFC Smart Lighting Solution at CES 2014


Except for providing the NFC badges at CES 2014, chip maker NXP Semiconductor has also partnered with smart home specialist EnOcean to show a solution which uses NFC to enable easy setting up and adding wireless lighting elements to their smart home network.

The setup enables EnOcean switches to be added to a home network by just tapping the switch to the gateway or a tablet computer, to collect network setup parameters. Individual lamps and lighting elements can then be connected to the network, again using NFC, and then turned on, off, up or down via the physical light switch or an Android smartphone.

“The switch contains an NFC nTag device that stores the wireless network security information,” said NXP, “This security information is written into the nTag devices by tapping it on an NFC-enabled tablet or on the NFC-enabled gateway.

“In the case of the gateway, this already knows the network security information as it is part of the network. In the case of a tablet, this has to first learn the network security information from the gateway, either via a Wi-Fi network connection or by tapping the tablet onto the gateway.”