LBE Protective App Adds New Function — Unlock with NFC Tag


LBE Privacy Guard, an Android-based protective app, has been upgraded before the Christmas. The new version can unlock with NFC tag.

Some might wonder what NFC is, but if I refer to using NFC phone to pay for bus fare, you might know what it is. In fact, NFC is more than mobile payment. LBE has combined the technology with NFC tags to provide a new application.

In the new LBE, you can download a related app called Privacy where you can store your private information or important files, and lock them up. Traditionally, there are PIN, pattern and other encryption methods, yet they are inconvenient and insecure. LBE uses NFC tag as the secure key. All you need to do is connect an NFC tag to the app. To unlock the app, you only need to tap the NFC tag on your phone, no need for password or patterns.

Where to buy NFC tags?

Besides, there is no need to worry if the tag is lost. You can simply log in with your pre-set password and disconnect it with the tag.