China Telecom Plans to Buy a Large Amount of NFC-enabled Cards


According to a recent announcement from China Telecom, the mobile operator is planning to buy 13 million LTE cards and 50 million NFC-SWP cards. The operator has said that the 4G Tianyi terminal will be NFC-enabled, which means that the 63 million cards China Telecom is going to buy will probably all have NFC functionality.

At the November press conference of Tianyi Mobile Wallet, the company noted that it planned to launch 30 million NFC UIM card in early 2014, but now the company plans to buy 63 million cards, the number has doubled.

However, China Telecom is not the only operator that supports NFC mobile payment. In fact, the three biggest mobile operators — China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom — have made it clear that they will focus on NFC mobile payment in the future and they have begun to prepare for it.