NFC Cards Used Alongside with Meizu MX3 Smartphone Appeared on the Internet


Recently, Li Nan, vice president of Chinese smartphone maker Meizu, has posted a photo of a series of NFC-enabled cards which are used alongside with Meizu’s latest smartphone MX3, but he didn’t say anything about the cards.

It is said that except for the 16GB version, all of Meizu MX3 smartphones can support NFC technology, which is a wireless communication technology, enabling devices to transfer data in a short range. The technology exists in many of the latest smartphones yet it still didn’t get a breakthrough.

When answering the question of how to use the NFC functionality in Meizu MX3, Li Nan uploaded the picture of the NFC cards mentioned above.

“At present, there is no standard for NFC tags, but still, Meizu thinks highly of the technology and it will not be a long time before it is presented to the users.” Said Li Nan.