Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Music Festival Uses RFID Wristband

Organizers of Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, a three-day music festival held in the twin cities of Bristol, Va., and Bristol, Tenn., has decided to use a new RFID-based ticketing and access-control solution. The solution includes RFID-enabled wristbands, which contain NXP Semiconductors Mifare chips compliant with the ISO 14443 standard, handheld and fixed HF RFID readers, as well as hosted software for managing access control and ticketing data.

To attend the festival, visitors will have to go to the Bristol Rhythm website and pay $40 for a weekend pass to the festival. The wristband will then be shipped to the customer. When the RFID wristband arrives, the user goes online and registers it by entering the ID number printed on it (which is the same ID encoded to the RFID tag), and then enters his name and any other identifying information.

When a visitor arrives at the event, he or she can tap the wristband near a fixed reader in order to be granted admission. The process is the same for vendors, employees, members of the press or performers; however, they must also enter information regarding their role at the event before being granted specific access.

By combining access-control and ticketing functions on a single system, the solution can save money for festivals that otherwise would have to pay for several separate solutions. Since visitors need not stop and present a ticket to a staff member, they can pass through the entrance 3 to 4 times faster than those using paper tickets, thereby providing greater customer satisfaction.