Russian Supermarket Tests NFC for Personalized Shopping Experience


Russian supermarket chain Land is running a personalized NFC shopping program, which combines coupon dispensers at the front of the store and NFC-enabled payment devices at the checkout.

The coupon dispensers send loyalty coupons and recommendations over-the-air to a customer’s NFC smartphone. Shoppers without an NFC phone can also take part by tapping their Land loyalty card against the devices and printing out loyalty coupons and recommendations.

The devices feature an interactive touchscreen and can produce on-demand shopping lists based on predictive analytics — customer profile analysis, individual shopping history, time and day. The lists can be themed and include real-time information on products in-store. They can also deliver category- and theme- based recipes which include retailers’ recommended brands and ingredients.

The NFC-enabled POS device at the checkout accepts payment either via their mobile wallet, which is linked to a MasterCard PayPass or Visa PayWave card, or their plastic contactless card. The device also provides targeted content relevant to each customer, including loyalty coupons that can be redeemed at their next visit and adverts based on their shopping history.