Flextown Enables Digital Sharing Through NFC Business Cards

Danish startup Flextown has begun offering an NFC business card service worldwide, allowing consumers to share portfolios of work, videos and other digital content as well as contact details via NFC, QR or Apple’s AirDrop service.

“Flextown enables you to give a complete introduction — who you are, what you can offer and who you represent,” the firm’s CEO and co-founder Oliver Vassard says, “It’s a marketing platform that lets you share all your social media, PDFs, presentations, documents, music, pictures and videos the minute you meet potential business partners.”

The Flextown app is available for Android and iOS and allows the user to edit, activate and share various digital profiles, see who has access to their profiles and how long they have viewed them.

“Normally, people receiving a traditional business card look at it for two seconds and put it in their pocket,” adds Vassard. “People receiving a Flextown business card spend an average of three minutes and 52 seconds looking at the digital profile. That’s a four-minute marketing opportunity to give the best first hand impression of yourself.”