NXP’ smart washing machine with NFC+fabric detection

NXPNXP Semiconductors,has been used in  the Embedded World 2012 exhibition in Germany,it has the common inventor of NFC technology.The Embedded World 2012 exhibition aims to show off the most likely to be the next generation kitchen appliances——a smart washing machine activated by NFC and RFID.

The device is full of interesting tech and characteristics and the most significant ability is to distinguish what fabrics you put in it and then chose a washing programme to suit .It can read RFID -tagged buttons on each item in the washing pile ,which tell the machine the exact ,fabric properties.Then the appliance judges whether it needs to set a washing pattern for colours,whites or something in between.It can also tell if the things needs more delicate care.

Moreover,the service engineer can talk to the device ,which in-built NFC though the mobile phone.They can perform diagnostics,change its status ,software upgrade and even activate the application ,which can contact with the manufacturer’s service center directly .It’s really a excellent stuff.

Jan Willem Vogel, senior director, industrial applications marketing, NXP Semiconductors says “Most home appliances are becoming ‘smarter’ with the step of the day ,but when it comes to two-way communication ,we’ve only started to explore the universe of possibilities.

“Today about the new smart washing demonstrator,which brings our advanced application insights,our expertise in RFID and NFC even our extensive understanding of the complex sub-systems operate the white goods together,we’re particularly exciting.”

NXP’s smart washing machine ,which has no customer feedback is only a proof of concept now .After all ,the fabric detection functionality only work after the clothes manufacturers and fashion retailers sign deals to add RFID-tagged buttons to their garments.But it’s still a great idea and we’re looking forward to see someday that the white goods manufacturers put their eyes on and make full use of it .

In the meanwhile ,you can keep your eyes on the washing machine ,which called Samsung’s WF457 this machine can be controlled by a smartphone.That is initially in the US and expected to hit stores from spring.