UK’s Biggest Charity Event Adopts NFC for Donation


NFC has made it easier for consumers to make a donation in this year’s Poppy Appeal, the biggest charity event in the UK organized by The Royal British Legion.

On the Poppy Day, NFC tags were placed on 20 collection tins and 12 posters in five locations — Victoria Square, New Street Station, Snow Hill Station, Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Birmingham Airport, allowing the public to “tap the poppy” on the tins or posters to make a donation to the charity.

Upon tapping the tags, consumers were redirected to a website where they chose the amount of their donation and filled out their bank details for the payment. QR codes were also used for those without an NFC smartphone.

“It enables people to donate easily and directly with their smartphones. We’re hoping that this will make it easier for people to support The Royal British Legion on their way to and from work, adding to the success of the Poppy Day and Poppy Appeal.”

“With people on the move so much, carrying loose change isn’t something we all do. By enabling people to donate through their smartphones, which we rarely leave home without, it makes the process easier and more convenient, whilst benefiting important charities.”