NFC Forum and IATA Publish the “NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel”

NFC-Forum-IATA-NFC-Reference-Guide-for-Air-Travel-rfid-blogThe NFC Forum and he International Air Transport Association (IATA) have worked together to develop the “NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel”, which is designed to help the global air-travel industry better understand and evaluate the potential benefits and costs, use cases, and implementation options associated with the adoption of NFC technology.

The white paper describes how the airline industry can employ NFC technology for a variety of applications, including for the secure provisioning, storage, and reading of boarding passes on mobile devices, as well as luggage handling, parking garage access and payment.

There is an extensive section detailing why IATA members should adopt NFC, citing such aspects as self-service functions enabling faster throughput of passengers through airports, speedier and more efficient boarding, the reduction in paper boarding passes that is moving the industry toward “paperless travel”, and the fact that NFC readers are much more affordable than optical readers, have a much smaller form factor, and are more reliable (98% minimum read success versus 93% for optical).

A section devoted to return on investment (ROI) describes how deploying NFC technology among mass-transit operators has resulted in cost savings in the areas of printed tickets, mechanical kiosks and customer service agents, in addition to increased revenues from return customers, and expansion into co-located and related businesses.

The white paper can be downloaded for free at the NFC Forum’s Web site.