Examples of RFID Applications in Construction Industry

Nowadays RFID technology is widely used in various industries including construction sector. Here are some examples of how construction companies can take advantage of this technology:

Project Management

Australian solutions provider Industrial Automation Group has supplied an RFID solution to a global oil company for a major construction project of building a refinery in a remote region of Western Australia. Required equipment will travel many hundreds of miles to the site.

The company, says Henk de Graaf, managing director of Industrial Automation Group, seeks a method for monitoring the project once it is underway — to see actual products moving, view where they were located and receive alerts if anything is not onsite when expected, or is located in the wrong place.

Tool and Equipment Management

Tools and equipment often get lost on large construction sites. To solve this problem, North American Construction Group (NACG) decided to deploy RFID technology to track the thousands of high-value assets that its crews use at construction sites throughout western Canada.

Searching for assets used to be a time-consuming task for NACG’s workers, for they had to physically check inventory levels and write down serial numbers on a piece of paper, and they may have to dig through the snow in order to determine what was there in cold winter. But with the RFID system in place, the company is able to know on a daily where assets are located, thereby reducing the need to order or rent new items as replacements for equipment that cannot be located.

Workforce Management

RFID can also be used to track workforce. ADR Software has provided an RFID solution for tracking the number of workers on job sites as well as their identities. With the solution, construction projects’ managers and supervisors can capture the identity of each worker entering or leaving a site by deploying RFID readers on portals to read EPC Gen 2 passive UHF RFID tags attached to hardhats.

The solution can provide a user with such details as which the number of workers at that location, whether those personnel have the necessary training or certification required to be there, and the workers’ zip codes, thereby enabling a user to know how many local jobs were created by that project.

Enhancing Safety

RFID solution also provides such information as which workers have gone belowground on sites in which trenches or tunnels, for example, are being dug. Thus, in the event that an emergency occurs, supervisors would know, in real time, who was below grade.

General contractor DPR Construction is using RFID primarily to manage building safety and access at the construction site. The solution enables the general contractor to ensure that all individuals are safely evacuated during an emergency and prevent site access by unauthorized personnel.