NFC Task Launcher Is Rebranded to “Trigger”, with Slight Updates


The much-loved NFC Task Launcher has just been rebranded to “Trigger”, and it has been given a new look and a small functional update, but it retains all of the NFC goodness which earned it a 4.5 star rating in the Play Store.

Trigger has been given a slight visual update, which makes it a little more effective when used on tablets. There’s also a bit more yellow trim around the place to spruce up the Spartan interface a bit. More importantly, you can now bind multiple triggers to the same task, expanding the already impressive capability of Trigger even further. The app’s compatibility with the various settings, modes, actions, and external apps (like Tasker) remains unchanged.

The free version of Trigger can perform actions when an NFC tag is detected or when your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection state changes. A reasonable $3 in-app purchase will open up new triggers for Geofence locations, battery threshold, or the time of day. If you don’t have any NFC tags, there’s an internal link to purchase NFC stickers and key fobs via Google Wallet, though you can probably find cheaper ones elsewhere.