Advice on How to Choose the Right RFID System for Your Application

1. Learn some basic knowledge of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. While you learn how the technology is going to benefit your business, you should not leave out its disadvantages, as there is no such thing as a “perfect-in-every-way” technology.
2. If you think the cost is affordable and the defects are acceptable, you may determine whether you want to use it as a point solution focusing on solving one problem, or as an infrastructure approach to solve multiple problems.
3. Determine which objects and/or people you would like to track with RFID technology.
4. Determine over what distance each object or person needs to be identified and tracked.
5. Determine how accurately you would like to track each item and also the layout of the environment.
6. Create a table and place all the items that are needed on your list.
7. Consider other factors that might influence the system:
• How large is the asset?
• Do you need to monitor the item’s condition?
• What other RF devices are in operation in the area in which the RFID system will be used?
• How much will deploying the system disrupt existing operational activities?
• How important is data security?
8. Find a reliable system integrator.
9. Pilot the system.
10. Roll out the system and expand it as needed.