New York City Taxis to Get NFC-enabled Interactive Media Screens

VOGUE-New-York-City-taxis-NFC-interactive-screens-rfid-blogRecently, taxis in New York City are featuring an NFC interactive mobile campaign which is part of a national rollout available in taxicabs in several cities — including Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Anaheim. Thousands of media screens, embedded with NFC tag made with NXP Semiconductor’s NTAG203 chip, are featured in the cabs.

The technology was initially piloted in New York City taxis during this past summer by Vogue, and will allow for interaction with local content and advertising campaigns this fall. Users were directed to “tap” or “scan” the screen for additional exclusive content.

Utilizing NFC and QR code technology, users were instantly able to view exclusive mobile content, share Vogue’s video with friends via social-media sites (Twitter and Facebook) and subscribe to the magazine’s digital edition with a special offer. Of those who interacted, more than 21% shared the campaign with friends via social media and e-mail.

In the new campaign, passengers will be able to tap their NFC-enabled smartphones to instantly download rich user content including music, videos, mobile applications, promotional information, coupons, maps, and so on. Consumers without an NFC-enabled phone will be able to scan the QR code to access the same content.