Taiwanese Fruit Producer Tracks Fruits Processing via RFID


Taiwanese fruit producer Je-Nong Cooperative Firm is employing an RFID-based solution to document the receipt and processing of its fresh fruit at its facility in Miaoli County.

By using passive EPC UHF RFID tags integrated in plastic crates, the company can monitor every step that the fruit undergoes and the conditions within coolers before the fruit is transported to stores throughout Taiwan, as well as in China, Japan and Korea.

The system consists of passive UHF tags, embedded in plastic crates, which are read at key locations during processing. The solution also includes active RFID sensor tags situated at cooling units to transmit temperature data to back-end software.

Traditionally, the company used manual tracking methods which were time-consuming and resulted in the waste of packing material. With UHF RFID tags affixed to plastic reusable cartons, and with readers deployed at specific locations, the company now knows when harvesting occurs, as well as when every crate undergoes each process. The active 2.4 GHz tags transmit the temperature and humidity within each cooler in which the fruit is then stored.