SAP Adds NFC to Vending Machines to Provide Personalized Experience

SAP-NFC-vending-machine-rfid-blogSoftware giant SAP is developing a smart vending machine solution that will provide consumers with the ability to make payments via NFC, enabling owners to gain insight into consumer preferences and manage their machines more efficiently.

The solution will allow consumers to tap their NFC phone against a vending machine housing NFC and infrared readers and a touchscreen display. This will allow their profile and account information to be pulled from the cloud, enabling a payment to be charged to a pre-selected account and consumers to be offered a personalized experience.

“Users are encouraged to create a profile and link it to their social accounts and friends,” said Andrew Shriner, SAP’s director of technology and innovation marketing, “In turn, we will be able to understand things about a consumer’s lifestyle, purchasing behavior and who their friends are, so it really opens up more consumer engagement possibilities.”

“We can really personalize the whole experience; the machine can know who you are and what you like,” Kijoon Lee, vice president of technology and innovation marketing at SAP added.

“Therefore, companies can get real-time access to data from machines, predict the optimal assortment for each machine based on analysis of big data, and know when to replenish the machine when stock is low, instead of just sending a truck out once a week like some do today.”